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50 Quick Rules for achieving success in life

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Success leaves clues. Like everything else in life there are some rules that, when applied consistently, you are guaranteed to make significant impact in achieving your goals and creating the life you want to live. Then 50 rules Here I propose

50 rules to live by:

Take responsibility for your life from that point onwards.Never regret what you did in the past, learn from it.Not be controlled by your negative past experiences.Believe in your ability to change your circumstances.Create powerful beliefs about yourself.Don't compare your life to others, you decide which rules you want for yourself.Don't give your power away from letting others dictate how you feelFocus about what you can do yourself, not on what others should do for you.Expand your circle of influence.Discover your inner essence and the core values.Align your life purpose and objectives for your true core values.Discover your dream-and act on it.If you find true love, drop everything and go for it.Never can settle for something less of you.Engage fully with your goals.Question everything and find their own answers.Your first instinct to trust.Focus on what you want, not what you want.Use words that abilite when he speaks-the words you use will become your experience.Move your body powerfully-the way that you move affects your emotions and energy levels.Expand yourself-try new things and new life experiences.Live a life of balance-each segment of your life is important.Bring a smile, hope and joy to those around you.Say "I Love You" from the heart.Always admit when you're wrong and try to correct your mistakes.Learn to make decisions instantly based on your valuesStop tolerate what dries up energies.We believe in the power of Serendipity.Watch out for ' coincidences ' of life and opportunities.Act immediately to the opportunities that arise.Don't procrastinate on what you need to do.Plan in advance for your confidence.Remain faithful to your objectives and unnoticed.Use the time of tribulations as growth experiences.Experience and go for the good things in life, but don't get attached to them.Connect with those you love and broaden your circle of friends.Get rid of clutter-if you haven't used 6 months, give to charity.Help yourself first, so you have more ability to help others.Help others without expecting anything in return.Have a mindset of abundance-there is enough for everyone out there.I think that will provide the universe-if you ask clearly what you want.Don't be limited by the rules, break them every once in a while.Don't be a perfectionist.Reduce TV time.Not gossip-what goes around comes around.Practice the art of listening.Experience nature deeply, it is a gift waiting to be discovered.Don't buy until you have money in your account.Identify what you want to leave legacy behind you.Make peace with death, when it is still healthy.

If you start to constantly add one of these rules of everyday life that will be able to create powerful moves in your life that you immerse in the area of life. Now it's up to you ... you're ready to raise your standards?

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