Saturday, January 29, 2011

It happened one day at a time

It happened one day at a time. This does not happen immediately for most of us. An expectation that you will succeed with a fast action is unreasonable. Success comes from repeated action governed in and day out for a period of time. Almost every successful person has become a success through this method.

Olympic athletes don't just decide one day to win a competition, enter and work as hard as possible to win. They wouldn't even qualify. It takes years and years of work, day after day, to qualify for an Olympic event. It takes many more days of work covered in order to obtain the final victory.

Most of us are not committed for an Olympic medal. But no matter what you want to achieve financial success, both, or something else, the same principles of daily action governed is essential as it is for an Olympic athlete. It may need to be as disciplined as an athlete and can take up to reach your goal, but it's still a daily achievement.

Plan your day

The day will be filled with actions that bring you closer to achieving your goals unless you plan for them. A day of activities and requests quickly will consume all your time if you do not provide otherwise. You will arrive at the end of the day without having done anything that will guide you toward your goals.

If you think the best part of the evening for a short period of time, cannot be more than five or ten minutes, every evening to plan the next day. If you are a morning person set aside a time like every morning to do the same thing-and do it first thing before other activities and interruptions consume your time.

That five or ten minutes each day will set your priorities and intends to do something every day moves towards the goal of achieving.

Write it down

Make a plan for the day will be very little if you don't write it. Use the calendar, Planner or electronic device of your choice, no matter what you use, just use it every day. Write your plan-and if you can schedule when you will take the action that achieves your plan.

Check with your plan throughout the day

It's easy to make a plan for the day and then forget about it. It's easy to become consumed in the activities of the day and requests and fail to follow the plan. To avoid this make sure you check your Scheduler or planner several times daily to remember what we have planned for that day. Not to lose sight of these actions.

Success comes one day at a time

Remember that is not immediate success and failure is not. You need to plan for success and you have to act on it every day to make it real. It takes time, patience and dedication. It takes daily discipline. Over time will pay. Everyday actions to achieve your goals, ultimately, will lead to success. Do like successful people have always done, plan your day every day and take action every day to achieve your goals.

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