Monday, January 31, 2011


The knowledge that we gain is like a muscle that we earn, if it is not often used and worked to grow weak and useless; Although not always pushed to its limits, it will not grow and develop.

In body building, there are techniques used to make your muscles grow and expand, and other techniques to build endurance and maintain them; the same goes for your developing success.

You read, listen to lectures, watch videos, listen to audio, compile notes, and study; You will find various sources of support and opposing conclusions and build on what you learn.

Organize knowledge is the key to determining what goals it intends to achieve and in what order; Knowledge organized also offers immediate access the facts and skills that you need to achieve your objectives, as well.

From what you learn you can develop a plan of objectives and map them, then act on what they have outlined. Objective every one in a building of the time on every success, how to climb a ladder or stairs to your final destination.

Many people believe just because they have an education and hold a degree that they are managed and better than others, but an educated person, without a purpose in life is not a success; They have the potential for success, but without action, there is no success.

The formula for success is as follows: (knowledge + action)/corrections = power. There is never a real success without failures along the way, don't focus on these errors do not look for them, but when they happen to correct the plan and continue on.

Power is the ability to do what you what you want, when and how you want, as long as you don't interfere with the rights of others. Of course there are those who have power over others, but this is not just or right and usually leads to failure of you or your organization that are constructed.

Power comes from success, great power, comes great success, and how great it is, is determined by you and your mind master group; No one succeeds without the help of others. Just to have a powerful mastermind group to back it will be super successful; and this is determined by the harmony of the group.

To know really always keep an open mind; Look at the information presented to the user, evaluate it and then determine if it should be taken or tossed aside. If it makes you think and think about it, seek the advice of your mind on the subject and then pass final judgment on the information. Not all have the same opinions and that is why they are called the opinions.

Just because you believe strongly in your views and have collected the "facts" that justify your opinions you have no right to force them to others, as they have no right to impose their opinions on you.

The successful person is one who has memorized all the facts, but what can think on their feet and apply what they have learned; is the person's ability to adapt and extract the information they have learned and apply it in new ways, never thought of before.

Learn and build your knowledge base, develop goals and plans, Act on those plans, adjust the road blocks put in your way and Adapt and build your success and power.

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