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Vital features to get to the TOP

"Success is neither magical, mysterious. Success is the natural consequence of consistently applying the basic fundamentals. "--Jim Rohn

From my personal experience I definitely agree with statement of Jim Rohn, and these are some of the basic fundamentals that helped me to be where I want to be.

Be responsible.

Even if you work at a company or an institution, remember that always work for you. There is a big difference between thinking that working for someone else who think that it works for you. At first you get a paycheck, you gain the confidence, knowledge and skills. You are responsible for your life, finance, health, your family, your loans, credits, your income. No one can and will help you if not help you. We know that you are fully responsible for your life. You have the power to choose the path, your way of life. This paradigm must not be interpreted to be selfish. It means simply did not expect others to do what you gotta do. Other supports only when necessary. You are responsible for your decisions, words, actions, choices and ultimately your life. ' Responsible ' simply means ' ability to respond to a situation rather than react to it, which is a sequel.

Be proactive

To be on top requires personal efforts. I heard once and follow strictly to do things that others were not prepared to do so. When you do, learn more, build trust and stand out (suspended) in the crowd. Analyze and evaluate the details of each challenge in your business or personal life and stay focused on the most pleasant people. It is never a popularity contest. Be objective, staying focused, having a larger image and proactive to handle unforeseen challenges prepares you to handle any unforeseen circumstances without panic.


Don't be afraid of anything. Nothing worse can happen if you play your part. Fear and doubt to hire when you try to please others. The fear of the future is a killer. When you focus on your contribution based on principles there is nothing to worry about. Values vary from person to person but the principle is universal ... Develop an attitude of expect and accept a ' No '. A "No" is not the end of life, because a "No" next moves to the new area to explore. Thomas Edison 1093 patents and was daring enough to make many ' No along the way. Don't allow fear, guilt or doubts you hold back.

I am particularly impressed and convinced with these quotes that I read

-"Courage is the father of all virtues: we need great courage to lead our lives by the principles of correct and have integrity in the moment of choice"-Stephen r. Covey.

= "Fear not the path of truth to the lack of people walking on it." Robert f. Kennedy-from his last speech, June 5, 1968

Be inspired

Not a single person is better than the other on this earth. There is a multitude of reasons why someone has more knowledge, experience and opportunities. Try not to compare yourself with others. There is always a person above you and below you. When we compare it with others, we tend to develop the superiority or inferiority complex. Life is not who is better. Assess yourself by what you were a year ago and 5-10 years ago. Are you a single stream of flow. You are able to be the best, and doing the best. When errors occur to forgive yourself and others. When you focus on serving others with enthusiasm and commitment, you will not only experience of personal gratification, but also your return on investment will be much harder to predict. Do what you love with an attitude of serving.

Be persistent

Develop an intense belief in yourself, in your capacity to handle things. What do you think becomes reality. When you are continuing to do the right thing become a catalyst for generating positive environment. The people around you, you listen; extend support when you need it. People who are committed to what they bring empty life. Care is the critical element in whatever you do. Such situations uncaring brought about the collapse of the financial system in 2008 that led the setback from around the world. People were simply selfish with short-term thinking. Cultivate a passion to do good to others in all circumstances, and you will see that you are blessed ten times more than expected. People who love life great care about what they do! Look at the lives of Bill Gates, Warren Buffett and others who just donated millions of dollars to the common cause. Be committed to succeed and to support others.

Be proficient in what to do.

Dress well, smile, give a firm handshake and straight forward in relations. Express your competence. Don't beat around the Bush please your customer. Explain the pros and cons, clearly so that the client can make an educated decision. Be empathetic. When you really care for others, more will come in your direction simply through word of mouth. What you will do out is determined by who you are inside. Be safe, comfortable and honest to yourself and others.

Be a lifelong learning.

If you are a high school graduate or have a Masters or doctorate, recalls learning is continuous. It is never a done deal. There is a person who "Know everything". We are in an era where things change at a rate much faster than ever. One needs to be updated with changes in a line of business and its own field. General knowledge is vital and the recognition of the bigger picture is much more valuable. With globalization, one thing affects another. Having a narrow can cause more harm than good in your personal growth. Be updated with changes around you. Read books, listen to audio books, exposing himself with a diverse environment, refrain from judging others, develop an open mind, discuss with multicultural people, learning to see from a different perspective and focus on continuous training.

It says to continue learning so that you are green and growing. Once you stop learning, are dry and dead. Learning is the beginning of life, health, wealth, prosperity, growth, peace and spirituality.

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