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The task number one for your success

You can classify all your activities into 4 types, based on the consequences of the energy in your life that are associated with.

1. Energizing

These are the activities that provide power when you make them, and giving a positive charge, even when you think just doing them. Things are naturally drawn towards, the things you love to do. If you choose a career that involves a lot of these activities feel really not working (this is how I feel about running workshops). Of course, are designed to do those things that will make you successful.

2. energy depleting

These are the activities that take energy. Are things that have an energetic and emotional cost, and affecting negatively if you encounter them. For example, work in a job that you hate people who don't like do you see tasks as meaningless. Spending too much time doing activities like this one puts in energy deficit. Losing too much energy and ultimately lose your Joie de vivre. Keep it up for too long without balancing it with energy and energizing activities and you may even lose their lives.

3. Deceptively energizing (ultimately damaging)

These are activities that appear as if they will give you energy but ultimately they remove energy. As the cotton candy (Australian calls this fairy floss) pulse of energy is the result of short-term pleasure rather than lasting happiness and success. We don't get what we were promised. This includes things like smoking, drinking, overeating and "retail therapy". Ultimately, these activities must be deleted from your life as a great cost to self-esteem, as well as your overall happiness.

4. Deceptively detrimental (ultimately excitation)

These are activities that appear on the surface, as if they take away energy but, ultimately, give you energy. These types of activities that seem as if they are energy costs but end up giving more than they cost. Feels better after them. For most people, including things like working out, going to the gym or go jogging. Another example is attending an event in the network even if you're nervous, or make a call, although it may be rejected. In order to be more successful in your life will almost certainly need to do more of these types of activities.

Another way of putting this is that these activities require you to move out of your current zone-and the ultimate success is on the other side of your current zone!

Getting yourself on your aversion or uncomfortable for most type 4 is probably the biggest way to achieve better results in your life.

Without sufficient energy techniques how to be more effective and happier in life is to do more things that give you energy and less of the things that drain your energy. Or look at the tasks that drain your energy with activities that give energy balancing.

However, the consequences of energy mentioned above are not really in the same activity. If they were different people they all have the same emotional and energetic reaction to the same task. But, as you know, some of the activities that you avoid making others in the world are drawn to. A person's trash is another person's treasure.

What happens if the consequences of the energy of any activity for you based on your own schedule simply emotional-energetic? What to do if you've just learned one emotional-energetic for various activities in your life-for example when they were punished for making a certain behavior, you have learned to associate this behavior with the feeling that at the moment of that punishment-and what if you could change that reaction, so that she is no longer emotionally have been programmed to avoid doing things that might ultimately be good for you?

What if there were no longer drained by the tasks that are currently draining your energy? What if you could overcome the blocks of energy to do things that you want to do? What happens if you do not need to look for feelings from things and activities at all? would be the final definition of emotional freedom?

What happens if the power came from a spring to climb from inside you, rather than from outside? So the only thing needed would be to remove the blocks of that stream, rather than to find things outside of you to give you the good feelings that you want.

So the task number one for your success is actually restore the flow of energy.

And this is where tapping energy enters-as in emotional freedom techniques and our simple energy techniques (SET).

Touching to remove blocks the flow of energy and to restore the flow of energy may be the number one activity you can do to ensure your future success. Touching, you can change the consequences of the energy of an event, activity or situation in your life. Then it can be free to do what you need to do to succeed.

Steve Wells is a peak performance consultant based in Perth, Western Australia, professional speaker and internationally recognized psychologist. Steve teaches and worldwide consulting and staffing company with athletes to improve their performance and improve the performance of their teams. Regularly directs its unique personal development and development programs for peak performance throughout the South East Asia, UK, Europe, USA, Canada and Australia. Steve is also a pioneering researcher and qualified operators in the field of energy psychology and together with Dr. David Lake has developed techniques for simple energy (SET) and provocative energy techniques (PET). Their latest published works, enjoy emotional freedom, teaches practical techniques you can use to live fully. For more information about its programs and Steve Wells see:

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