Friday, January 28, 2011

Achieve your goals in 2011-using these 3 colors!

If I told you the use of 3 colors could help accomplish your goals, we want to hear more? Of course it would be! Is the beginning of a new year and we both silently and verbally made some resolutions. If the loss of weight, starting a new career, starting or growing a business, or anything else in between, color can help you do it. The color is energy. Color is power! I challenge you to use the color to your advantage.

Have you ever noticed how some circles and leave you feeling lethargic in landfills while others enhance your energy and rearing to go? Pay greater attention to their surroundings, and you'll start to notice the colors around you as well as their impact on your thoughts, feelings and actions. It is truly amazing.

Well, the power to accomplish your goals is as easy as 1-2-3. Or should I say yellow, blue and Red? Yes! Is basically simple. If you want to accomplish your goals, bring more yellow, blue and red in your space. Let the magic of colors that work for you. Certainly you can use these colors in small ways, but if you decide to decorate an entire space, as an Office, Studio or any room that you want to work, be sure to use the rule of 30/60/10 (for more information see 101 Accessorizing article). It's all a matter of balance. Remember also that there are literally hundreds of colors of yellow, blue and red, so that the options are endless. These colors range from pale or barely there rich and deep versions that can be mixed and matched to your disposal.

Note: The yellow represents knowing, Red Blue represents dreams and expressions-everything you need to get things done!

So your world of color and accomplish your goals in 2011 and beyond!

Tia Woodley is a certified color consultant that uses color to transform lives. She is also co-owner of the spectacular painting & Contracting Services, LLC. Please visit his website at articles & information or to see how you can get a free consultation for your next decorating project.

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