Saturday, January 29, 2011

Manifesting your objectives

There's a lot to say about the law of attraction and the way in which we can create our goals for the power of the mind. As if things weren't complicated enough, new ' read ' keep sprouting daily and just can't keep up with all the credits tantalizing secrets ways of expressing your dream.

So I think our mind as some ' draws ' universal energies to provide external opportunities from our way of thinking?

Although I cannot accept the simplified version that is despised around some of the websites, I think there are too many coincidences serendipitous in my life. Too many things just bring too many times when I have focused on something. And things happen sometimes doesn't seem to happen just because they are more careful about what is happening. So I feel bad to completely debunk the idea that there might be a kind of invisible power or strength in game that can ' assistance ' in process based on your intention. The law of attraction may or may not work exactly as it is projected by its members. The process suggested by some authors that you should only ask, believe and receive ' might be a bit simplistic, or at least you could have misunderstood by some.

However, I have my opinion on how to manifest the power of your mind and attract your success. If I were to describe a ' right ' about making sure you posters would be your dream:

Mind creation + emotion consistent action = event

Basically what I'm saying here is that thoughts and mental images are precursors of action and the fact that a mind-body connection is definitely makes the creation of a first and important step. So, first you must create an image very vivid in your mind that captures your dream in as much detail as possible. You have to excite and inspire emotion and passion, the image that was created. It is important that you experience the feelings of success as if you live your dream, aligning so your mental and physical States the result expected. Then you need to take action consistently and look out for opportunities that attract you along the way. Finally you need to hang out with determination until you manifest the desired result.

Learning to see your dream you will be planting the power of your creativity in reproduction of your subconscious mind. And when that happens ... your dream will sprout its first creation.

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