Monday, January 31, 2011

The courage in choosing

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Creativity, passion and a desire to make a meaningful impact are three common driving forces behind most heart-centered emerging entrepreneurs. In fact, I cannot recall ever meeting one where this has not been the case. Undoubtedly, these are often core values that guide them faithfully on the journey. And for the most part, this serves them extremely well. When it comes to transforming a dream into reality, being invested in a spirit-driven way makes a monumental difference.

Now, you may have noticed that I said for the most part this serves them. So what exactly do I mean by this? Well, there is a dynamic that can happen which will quickly turn these blessings into big time barriers along the road to realizing your dream. I am talking about getting stuck in the unlimited choices and possibilities available to you in the unfolding of your entrepreneurial vision.

Let's take a closer look.

You might experience a flow of ideas so strong and steady that you have no idea where to begin. You may find yourself feeling totally torn because you are genuinely called in multiple directions. Your heart may be aching to serve lots of different people in lots of different ways. You might have a pattern of getting close to committing only to then get derailed by worrying about what you are giving up with that particular choice. And the list goes on.

Suddenly, instead of your creativity, passion and desire to serve lighting you up and supporting you to take inspired action, you are immobilized in indecision. Instead of moving forward with ease and growing exhilaration, you are struggling to feel clear and grounded. The inner turmoil weighs you down, blocking you from claiming more of who you are meant to be.

Ultimately, you never REALLY make a choice.

Given this possible scenario and the detrimental impact on your dreams, my goal for the rest of this article is to call you forth into choosing! I want you to feel outrageously empowered and excited to make your choice so that you can enjoy the fullness of living your dream. And I want you to be absolutely crystal clear on the importance of choosing and the remarkable ripple effect that flows from your choice, both for you and for those you are divinely designed to serve through the channel of your dream.

So, are you ready to join me in taking a stand for choosing? I hope so. And I also hope that the following may serve as splendid support for choosing from a place of pure joy, confidence and trust.

~ Enjoy more time in the awe-inspiring state of allowing. I myself have spent more than enough time visiting the land of indecision. As a result, I am quite familiar with its geography! And one of the things I notice the most about lingering in this stuck and scattered space is the energy drain that happens. There is no denying that it can be intense. So I encourage you to remember that when you make a clear and conscious choice, it often brings a huge sense of relief with it, which can feel so incredibly good! And feeling good is key for strengthening your connection to Source, for being in alignment with who you really are and accessing the FLOW. In essence, your choice is way more powerful than it may appear on the surface. You are actually choosing to release resistance and open yourself up to the energy of allowing. And this is where the magic really happens.

~ The Universe notices. Until you choose and "place your order," how will the Universe know the specifics of how to luxuriously support you with your dream? The life changing book by Esther and Jerry Hicks that reveals the recipe for manifesting our desires is perfectly titled "Ask and It Is Given." Again, Ask and It Is Given. These five words of wisdom can serve as a sweet reminder that making a clear declaration is an essential step in the dance of conscious co-creation. Before Source can deliver and we can receive, we must ask. And I am happy to share that due to some recent surprising realizations in my own journey of awakening, I can state this fact today with much deeper appreciation than ever before. So I cannot emphasize this with enough conviction and love for you. Don't forget to ask!

~ Understand that you can't get it wrong. Sometimes we are holding off on making a choice with regards to our dream because we fear making the wrong one. But the truth is it is impossible to get it wrong. Why? Because everything is always unfolding perfectly for your deepest learning and growth. Yes, always. And you want to know the best part? There are no exceptions. Just play with me for a moment. Can you see how you have received invaluable lessons from your "mistakes?" Do you ever look back with the big picture in mind to see how it all comes together for the highest good? Can you acknowledge how our fumbling actually creates the most divine opportunities for phenomenal growth?

Essentially, are you willing to look through this lens of compassionate curiosity so that you can discover the magnificence in the mess? I invite you to trust that you are always right where you need to be and you are making the absolute perfect choice in each and every moment, no matter what.

~ Choosing will contribute extravagantly to your expansion. We can fall under the illusion that by making a choice, we are somehow placing limits on ourselves, our creativity or our vision. I would like to offer that the exact opposite is actually true. When you give yourself fully to something, it paves the way for so much more growth and expansion. You can go infinitely deeper in a focused way, as opposed to just skimming the surface of many different things. Without feeling fragmented, you can ride the fabulous wave of focus. And this is outstanding news because what you focus on grows!

~ You can always choose again. Nothing is permanent. While saying yes to one thing may be saying no to something else in that moment, it does not mean that this is the case forever. You are in a constant state of unfolding and so is your entrepreneurial dream. Along with this reality, you never give up the freedom to choose again, and again and again. Furthermore, all of your experiences have tremendous value as each choice you make brings exactly what is needed for the whole of your journey. So I encourage you to know in the depths of your being that nothing is "wasted" time. It is all sacred.

In closing, I am feeling compelled to call you forth into one more thing, which is the act of celebration. I want to invite you to take ample time for celebrating all that your bold choice represents. It is time to celebrate your courage, the deeper nurturing of your dream and your beautiful willingness to trust on a whole new level.

And now I am curious. What else do you see here that would be deserving of celebration? I promise you there is more. Enjoy!

As a Transformation Coach, Carrie Garber works with heart-centered, aspiring entrepreneurs who are longing to create a business rooted in passion and meaningful service. They are aching to launch the business of their dreams but are stuck in fear, self-doubt and overwhelm. Carrie helps her clients to cultivate the clarity, confidence and courage they need to move forward with their vision and build a solid foundation for a thriving business and a juicy life. Visit to sign up for your FREE e-course, "A Recipe for Richness: 7 Essential Ingredients for Cultivating a Juicy Journey in Life and Business" and learn more about Carrie's transformation Coaching.

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