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Really go back to yesterday was not an option

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I am a writer freelance professionals with experience of over 15 years living in Inglewood, California. My "day job" is in Gardena, California, as a. ..

Yesterday are not an option, and if you're worried about something other than now, as the future, something is really wrong with you. A good investment is a good investment and past successes are sometimes well to ponder. But to live concretely in the past is a destructive habit that should be soon stopped. Positive action and living in the present is always good, great and wonderful. If you haven't, then everything would normally no matter what, and we all know that isn't true, or in any way. That reality is a mixture of trial, error, sometimes the success and failure, sometimes. Everyone dreams of checks and balances, where a condition of the success or failure is absolutely dominant. The reality is a mixture of logic of all things real, and our thoughts on this issue are real. In fact, all the energy is real at any level that exist, even as the imagination. It looks stupid, until you think about it really. Then, take a moment of contemplation, before reading the next paragraph, just what I'm saying.

Well, I hope you took that minute or more. Because, in reality it is more than just what is in front of us, is all. If it wasn't all, then no concept would work, let alone exist. Energy, use it? Yes, if you want to make it actually work to your advantage. From thought, money, electricity, everything is energy in various forms that can be used or misused. I remember reading this book by Michael Korda about getting power, using the power and maintain power. Of course, had basically a specific subject, all things come in a shape, reality and is always there. Sure, I'm sure he meant mainly corporate boardroom power, but I understand its deeper, unconsciously came from senselessness inside that the understanding of what power and how it is actually used.

As a good landscape painting or post-rock into a piece of music well used by tools, everyone connects. That is how reality is really me at its best, and that is how I want to acknowledge the reality here in this article, his best work. Going back yesterday where it didn't work really is not a feasible or desirable in any way that count. But today, our live better.

My name is Joshua Clayton, I am a freelance writer in Inglewood, California. I also write under a pen-names and aliases, but Joshua Clayton is my real name, and write that for the most part now. I am philosophical writer and thinker objective and honest action beneficiary.
Working in a senior center in Gardena, California, as my day job, among other things, but above all, I am a writer.

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Powerful techniques of mind power available at your fingertips

Mind power techniques can be extremely powerful when used in these ways correct. First, you must be consistent. Must undertake to make your daily work on better techniques, otherwise you are wasting your time. Secondly, it is necessary to increase, starting from contemplation. Must train your brain to develop the capacity of inestimable value to be highly concentrated by removing all distractions. Thirdly, you need to write down all the improvements of constants and newspapers of its agenda. For what reason? Because this becomes quickly aware of your subconscious mind.

If you want to learn the techniques of mind power, highly likely is because your desire to have more success in your life, isn't it?. You may have in your personal life, in your professional life, or both. Any area you want to have more success is sure to increase the power of the mind through contemplation, consistency and awareness.

Usually people do a lot of things on a daily basis, both consciously and unconsciously. But, as many specific activities are directed to develop a positive attitude? Most people sleep, eat, drink, cleaning, talk, walk, drive, work, every single day. But forgets to enter in their day the most important and most lucrative of their whole life: developing the subconscious!

I know that you want to learn effective techniques, then my friend that's your time! I want to reveal my special procedure to increase the power of mind. It's simple, it's easy, but it takes time and discipline. What I'm talking about is the power of the subconscious mind and is not a positive thought. Positive thinking is simple. You can choose to practice positive thinking and solving for the poor results. I warned you! While the power of the mind is totally different! Is the one and only way to get what you want in your life, more fast, clear and effective. Then I think that, isn't it?

These are my best techniques:

1-Statements, just jump out of bed in the morning;
2-Declarations, when you want, but I prefer after breakfast;
3-Contemplations, at least on three main statements per week;
4-Visualization, on what you want to achieve from 5 minutes to 30 minutes;
5-Open yourself to surprising results in your life!

Yes my friends, if you engage yourself in my routine personal secret that I can guarantee you amazing results. But remember exactly all that I've listed in this article, because otherwise you cannot increase the subconscious mind. And before you make some changes to my personal routine, please wait! Wait at least 30 days of constant work on my personal routine and see magics happen throughout the area of your life!

Alberto Facchielli is an intelligent Internet marketers that combines a unique style, authentic relationship building online, the safest for personal development and effective Internet Marketing strategies to create sustainable growth phenomenal fast, multiple streams of income and huge success online. To develop a path of success for yourself, visit mind power technical Blueprint of Alberto Facchielli, now!

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Sabotage their personal development goals? How to properly change yourself

You are unable to change yourself or get rid of bad habits, no matter how hard you try? You are starting out well on a new goal of personal development, but suddenly back turning around and spill on your old bad habits in the process? Mode of self-destruction; They sabotage their chance to put your life in order.

What is the main problem?

A lot of people fall prey to self sabotage. They refuse to make positive changes and developments in their lives. And the reason is that they have unresolved conflicts within them. No matter how hard I try to consciously change or a clean break in life, these internal conflicts, which are embedded deep inside you, you still come out and create negative thoughts in your head, and almost always this will lead to results and adverse effects.

So before you put down all resolutions to try and change your life, you must resolve internal conflicts.

These internal conflicts as well as affect our lives? For example, consider a person who wants to quit smoking. Consciously, know that smoking is bad for them, and have read about all the methods you can use to get rid of their smoking habit. But still, they don't follow anti-smoking counselling or neglect lead their nicotine gum or nicotine patches to them. This is why they subconsciously doesn't want to stop smoking, or because their minds are still set on how smoking makes them feel or why they have developed an addiction to smoking as a way of dealing with stress. So, before the person can get rid of smoking, needs to find a different way to achieve the feeling like he gets when he smoke, or a different way to deal with stressful situations in life.

How to recognize the inner conflict

There are any changes that you want to make in yourself and in your life? If Yes, then you must first recognize any internal conflicts that can get in your way of change. To understand the things that are holding you back from your personal transformation goals, try to see you make the change you wish to. What do you feel when you imagine yourself as a person changed? Do you feel any fear or sadness at losing something when you change? If so, then that is what took place. Be attentive and patient with you, because the internal conflicts reside in the subconscious mind.

How to overcome internal conflicts

Internal conflicts are impossible to solve. You must go to where they have set their roots, that is your subconscious mind. The best way to change the status of your subconscious mind is to fill it with subliminal messages about yourself without positive internal conflicts.

Once you recognize the conflict that is holding you back and get rid of them, it will be easier to change their attitude and personality and begin to think and act in a more positive light.

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The power of deep brain stimulation and use it to transform your life

Have never explored the concept of deep brain stimulation? The brain is very powerful; you as the central processing unit of our bodies. Only experts understand how it works, and they still don't fully grasp the concept. So, the brain is also very mysterious.

But we also learned about the techniques on how to penetrate the deepest layers of the brain and mysterious. One of these techniques is deep brain stimulation, a process that attempts to reach depth over our consciousness into the inner workings of the mind.

We can understand our thoughts and forming the logical conclusions in our heads. But there is a big part of our mind that we have no control over. This part applies generally influences in random areas of our lives, whether we like it or not. And we are unable to control our minds, our habits, actions, behaviors, desires, fears and decisions. These processes of the mind are uncontrollable all artworks of the subconscious mind, a powerful State of consciousness that we do not have access to and still has all access to our lives.

1. how to access the deep layers of the brain the concept of deep brain stimulation is to stimulate the brain to that level: the subconscious level. But how can you reach that level when the doors are monitored by the conscious mind? Simple; putting the conscious mind to sleep or into a trance so will not block your way to your subconscious.

You can do this using various methods, such as:

Brainwave entrainment

2. how to change the way that the subconscious works is not enough simply the subconscious. Once there, how it can really change the way you planned?

There are now many subliminal products that are designed to apply this type of stimulation and alteration of our brain. You can use:


All of these use a single weapon: subliminal messages. These are messages hidden in video, MP3 and other downloadable products used in deep brain stimulation. You can use the messages that you want to program in your head.

3. how to change the direction of your life deep brain stimulation is used to penetrate through our habits and actions so that you can get rid of bad habits and change our actions from negative to positive. But do we really need to stimulate the brain every time we are tempted to do something bad?

The answer is no. Is there a way to completely reprogram the mind to think in a more positive light, so that always goes to the positive direction, without the need of constant stimulation. This requires a total makeover of the internal processes of your mind, a total renewal processes is subjected to mind when faced with a particular situation. This will also change the general direction of your life.

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How to hire a Resume Writer

The scenario is quite clear. Sam gets congedate, after working for the company for over 5 years. He has been keeping his resume updated. He reads as job market today is "different", and can easily take 6 months to a year to find something else. He knows that he needs to take action, now. But he feels is spun around by layoffs, unprepared. He sits to update his resume and do not know what to do.

In addition, he wants to give yourself an edge. So he does some research online and decide to hire a resume writer. But as we know it is going to get a good resume and effectiveness to address?

In my workshops and with my clients, I see a disproportionate number of poorly crafted resumes, prepared by "professional resume writers." It breaks my heart and makes me angry.

If you don't know what a good resume and effectiveness is, how do you assess the writers resume, so you can find a good?

First, do some research online or ask your friends for recommendations. Make a list of candidates of 3-5 and call them. Here are some questions you should ask.

1. Ask for examples) of their work, have written resumes and references. Then call those references. Discover the results of the use of this writer resume, as well as the overall experience.

2.) Ask about effectiveness of resumes they have created. ("Are people becoming more and more interviews with your resume?") You are hiring a resume writer to get results. If you do not know that their effectiveness can know that their resumes are any good?

3.) discover what their process. How do they work? How many conversations have you? Some resume writers never even speak with you. Some only communicate online. Some restrict the number of conversations. You will examine a project? My process includes a conversation before, then a first draft, then a conversation 2a to examine this draft and final copy that you can keep going forward. There is also typically at home for you during this process. Sometimes a third round of changes is required (very rarely).

4.) Are the writer? If not, who is? I was surprised to find that sometimes we speak with the person is not the resume writer! You want someone writing your resume that is never connected with? Keep in mind that a good CV should reflect your personality and your voice.

5.) what is the final product? It is a MS Word document, you can edit and manage? Or you will have to return to resume writer for updates?

6.) what is the lead-time? How long will it take to get a resume that you can send?

7.) what is their experience writing for the industry you're in? For example, IT professionals need someone who understands how to write a technical curriculum. Acting resumes are all together a completely different format. Have experience of writing for the field, your sector?

8.) what is their experience writing for individuals in your situation? You have gaps in your work history? You are changing fields? or careers? Ask them how they handle these situations.

9.) what they need from you? What is your role in this process?

10.) last but not least, ask about the cost. Get specific information. You pay everything perfect, or after you receive a draft, or after the final copy? Offer any type of guarantee? If you are satisfied with the results, what are the options? They will offer you a refund (in whole or in part)? There is a contract involved? Find out what is the commitment on their part and yours. This is all part of the cost.

You'll note that the certification from this list has been omitted. Certification isn't a bad thing, I found only one indicator of competency certification.

Ultimately, the key to hiring a writer to good CV is an interview with them, ask questions, to be an informed consumer. Even if you have access to services resume as part of a package of outplacement provided by your employer, I still recommend that ask these questions.

Discover your Worth with Lori Howard, a master career development and job satisfaction. Lori has been helping men and women across the United States and Canada to achieve career success for over 15 years. She publishes a monthly e-zine and is the author of special report: 5 days for goals that inspire you and 5 keys to mastery of career. In addition to launch in 2007, Lori also serves as a career consultant-Ricklin Echikson Associates with.

Lori uses an individualized process that goes far beyond normal evaluations to help its customers to pursue a career they love. She brings knowledge and experience in a variety of areas, including: financial services, technology and the arts.

Visit his website

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Top secrets of millionaires that will blow away

Millionaires are just people with extraordinary dreams. What differentiates them from the rest of the population is the fact that they have the opportunity to realize their dreams to reality. This is what you need to discover; the secrets of millionaires that plans can help you acquire wealth, find ways for your passions and abound in happiness for a lifetime of success and fruitful.

Here are some of the secrets of millionaires that will blow your mind above:

-Access to credible information and useful it will certainly go a long way. The best sources of information are usually the most common forms. You can read books, attend motivational talks and coaching or basically surround yourself with people and resources that could give tips, strategies and techniques on how to live a successful life.

-The will to be mentor is also a key strategy that most millionaires and successful people have applied in their lives. The desire to learn helped grow so that they may reach their full potential not only in terms of wealth, but in terms of emotional, intellectual and social as well.

-Learning should be continuous. This means that should not be discouraged if you feel you cannot absorb all things at the same time. Take the time to let learning sink and watch the failures, as well as losses are part of the learning experiences. Don't let them fall. Instead, pick yourself back and note the changes you need to make in your plans.

-Applying what you learned. It all boils down to take the steps necessary to share your plans of work and to produce results. For example, you want to be free of debt and achieve financial freedom. You should be able to plan a way of debt and financial security and to take the necessary action as paying bills on time and save your money for what is possible.

These are just some of the secrets of millionaires that might help you to realise your dreams and achieve success.

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The importance of self-confidence

At this stage of life, being a student is the most important aspect of our existence. Is the beginning of our career and through education we are bending a path to our success. So to do well in life and ensure a bright future for ourselves, we must begin working hard, and designing our future now.

It is very important to keep in mind a specific objective and work to make it happen. We must plan in advance, study, sincerely, and we have the most important thing is the self-confidence.

Self-confidence allows not to be afraid of what they really are and interact with other people, smart and directly. It is a nervous and lose confidence in a very common it self when approaching a stranger or when faced with a difficult situation. For this lack of trust, we are sometimes very embarrassed. A common situation, where most students lose their confidences in itself is when the teacher asks for feedback from them. Fear of telling the wrong answer and always laughed at by the whole class is always present. Be nervous and not have any confidence in the response that we provide the teacher makes matters worse. To improve our lives self-confidence is necessary. There will be a perfect person and success.

Success is not the thing that we can buy or we can borrow from someone. Success depends on the person who wants to get it and get this success, we need to make many works for which the self-confidence is very important. So, in our lives day to day we need to have confidence in yourself!

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How to change your subconscious for any purpose in 4 steps

Do you know that you can easily change your habits, your thoughts or any aspect of your life by changing the way it works is your subconscious mind? Subconscious mind is the final control system of the brain. Is hidden under the conscious mind, so that most of us are not able to control it.

If left uncontrolled, the subconscious is able to absorb almost anything supplied to it. So if you leave that are influenced by the negative feedback of this world, the subconscious will be full of negative thoughts and therefore lead to results, the negative behavior and actions. But if it is positively influenced, so it can be used as a powerful catalyst for positive change. Is such a powerful weapon that it can get rid of all the negative things in your life, as fears, phobias, addictions, bad habits and any strokes that are disadvantageous to your character.

Then all you have to do is figure out how to exercise control over your subconscious mind. Here are 4 simple steps on how to do it so that you can use the power of your subconscious for any purpose in life:

1. reach into your subconscious Since the subconscious is hidden under the conscious brain State, you must first bypass the conscious mind to access your subconscious. There are many ways to do it:

Self hypnosis or hypnotherapy-hypnosis is a way to put the conscious mind to sleep so that it opens your subconscious. Or you can try to get in a hypnotic trance with learning self hypnosis techniques or you can sign up for hypnotherapy treatment from a professional therapist.
Meditation-meditation is another method of sensitivity the conscious mind, subconscious so that it becomes easier to access.
Subliminal video-you can also watch video subliminal. These are the video where the images are no.197 flashed bamboo trees to distract your conscious mind. Behind the pictures, there are unseen messages that flash across the screen so fast you won't be able to read them. But these messages get immediately absorbed by the subconscious.
Aromatherapy-aromatherapy is an alternative method for mental relaxation, that is the first step to reach your subconscious.

2. Rescheduling your subconscio based on your specific purpose once you have access to the subconscious mind, you can now easily change is based on the change that you want. To do this, you can communicate with your subconscious at the same frequency in which it operates. This is done through subliminal suggestions. Subliminal persuasion is effective, because once the subconscious suggestions are sent to your subconscious, staying there and continues to resonate through your conscience, if you know it or not.

3. Try subliminal videos designed to bring the change you want to Subliminal videos are now widely available; They are available in a variety of topics. Some videos really is designed to help you get rid of your smoking habit, make you more secure, you'll make a positive thinker and so on. Just watch the video that meets your specific needs.

4. Design your own subliminal messages can also process with its subliminal messages to be used as reinforcement. Whenever you feel like you're losing focus or some negative thoughts are coming, you can bombard your mind with positive messages that are also consistent with the change you wish to see in your life.

Make sure that when you design your subliminal messages, only use positive words in present time. Also very useful action words. Here are some examples:

I am in control.
Success came easily to me.
I am always a success in everything I do.
Do what is useful for me.
Make wise decisions.

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Error cosmic ordering: the root cause of a

Cosmic order is one of the ways to use the law of attraction to send your orders to what you want in your life, the universe and receive them in your real life after some time. The most important element in sending and receiving of cosmic order is actually energy. With focused and huge vibrational energy, and when you know what you want in particular, when you submit your order, you can be assured that it has already met in the space of the cosmos. And when your vibrational frequency energy that has similar matches that of the cosmic order that you submitted, you will surely your orders delivered to you.

A critical point is that, besides being vibrationally aligned, you must have enough large container, the vacuum that was created in order to receive, retain and hold, or even grow your orders delivered cosmic. Otherwise, even if you're ' luck ' to receive and fulfill your desires, then you will lose them. Why many people fail in the cosmic order? Or some are frustrated that do not have consistent results with their cosmic ordering ... The root cause of a failure in the cosmic order is in your subconscious! Why is it so?

As humans, we all have 3 mind: the conscious mind, subconscious and superconscious mind. If we use a House as an analogy, the conscious mind is on the ground floor of a House, the superconscious mind is the attic of the House, while the subconscious mind is the basement of the House. So when we see the subconscious as a cellar of a House, what do you think looks like? The basement is like a store room in the House, and a place of storage is usually dark, mysterious, messy, unused and forgotten things, and so on ... So is your subconscious mind. Was your storage space for the whole of your life because you are born. How much stuff you think you have been kept without noticing since childhood? Until you decide to go down to your basement to take a look, clear some space, remains obscure, mysterious and messy.

Have you forgotten that your aunt used to call you ' stupid stupid ' when you do not Score high marks for subject mathematics and your MOM is called ' useless ' when you started to cry. Or maybe your high school teacher, you said that only with a Ph.d. that you could earn a decent living ... Subconscious mind is the memory Bank of the human body. Stores all the things that if you like them or not, if you need or not, if they're going to be useful in your life as you grow or not. Subconscious mind doesn't care, the task is to keep storing all the information that you receive each time through the five senses of your birth.

Therefore, the root cause of a failure in the cosmic order is from your subconscious! What you receive because you are young? Are empowering dis-empowering or what you want to consciously now in your life? I support or non-supportive? They work or not work, based on where you are in your life now? The memories that have been stored in the subconscious mind to remain ' unconscious ' until you decide to take stock of their, dig deeper into them and find out what are the things that hinder your cosmic order when you send them, get them or both? If your inner space of compensation is not done, there can be no space or void for you meet your cosmic order.

You may be able to send and receive your cosmic order, but somehow, if you lose it completely or partially, it is more likely that the subconscious memory file and do not support past contradict what you want now. To be successful and consistent results in the cosmic order, the most important thing to do is check your ' basement ', budget and make room for your inner being.

And if you'd like to make room for more health, wealth, success and happiness, by using the cosmic order, get access to 1 of the 3 main types of how your subconscious mind has been receiving information and store it in your memory. Now, you can begin to be aware of and delete your subconscious basement storage by visiting

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When not listen to others

"Who said it could not be done? And what great victories he has that qualify him to judge others carefully?
-Napoleon Hill

The next time someone puts you down or tells you you'll never accomplish anything or said anything negative about you or what you are doing wonder what makes them qualified to judge you.

Many times people will offer you free advice, because you care about you and don't want to see you get hurt or losing your money. This advice comes from caring even though it may be negative.

They may say "that won't work! Why are they wasting your time? "Although it is a negative you are saying because you care, but you need to analyze their education.

What are really saying? "They are saying" I don't think it will work but if it's something you believe in something you want to take their education, to thank them for their advice and then say to yourself, "I'll show them! I'll make this work and then you know that I can do it! "

Use their negative declaration for the drive to succeed.

Other people will shoot down your dreams because they are jealous that you can succeed and which will be even where they are now. Their statements come to stop out not because they care, but because they don't want to see it happen while it is not so and who are too lazy to do what you are doing.

Recent types of people are the ones that you like or don't like only someone who succeeds. These people are too lazy to do anything except run their mouths and cut to anyone that has worked hard and achieved success.

Are being felt sorry for this people. They have nothing better to do then attack energy to reach actually nothing worth wild and those who have succeeded.

At the end the only opinion about you that matters is what you have on you. It's always nice to ask for input or advice, just make sure you are asking the right people who will be honest and useful, not just trying to put your in your site or actually trying to see you fail.

Success is a State of mind, such as health and your image of yourself.

Always consider the source and advise the tone in which it is displayed.

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How to find the key to free itself, satisfy your dreams and become rich

The money is undoubtedly essential-c ' on it and if you don't have any, wishing that some of you may drive you nuts! Think for just a moment and imagine if you have money, a lot of it. Imagine if you were rich, not by chance, not by a long win lucky, but learn something that could change your life forever.

People for one reason or another become dis-empowered, they lose sight of their dreams and start believing that they are not possible. Through a combination of a life conditioning and people who have influenced, we and our social and financial reports, we just give up. Things become too difficult, in fact they seem to be impossible, but the keyword is ' look '.

When things seem to be impossible, for many complicated unconscious and conscious reasons, seen as something really impossible or unreachable, and you start to feel the disappointment comes even before the failure by projecting into the future in our mind's eye just as we see things go wrong.

In order to change this there must be a conscious change in focus, which will then be able to see things differently, and then to act in that round. To "see" you cannot do something will not be able to do it, but to see who can, will result in its realization. If you think that is too simplistic and easy to say and that the circumstances are very different, ask yourself, what is in your heart, and because it is not yet done so, then see the limits and reasons why they created your prison, apparently without any fault of their own. It is true they are not to blame, whatever you hold, you have learned and all you have to do to change anything, you re-learn. With learning a new set of life-skills that will really help you, you raise yourself out of the trap that you can be, so back in the driving seat, the way they should always be.

No one ever got anything to cover the fear, but this is one of the emotions that really completely rule our life and in every area of our lives. Most people live a life of low-level stress that they learn to balance in various ways, hoping to compensate for the internal dialogue that is saying things are not all as they would like them to be.

How to change this setting, is to learn a new way to communicate with the inner dialogue, through self-empowerment. How?, then becomes the question and the answer is, allowing you the freedom of the mind to change what you've come to believe and let people know how to show the way. It is a journey, and it is surprisingly easy when you follow your heart. The rewards are valid for each step and dreams become reality and transform your life.

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Keys to success-warning

Principles of real and lasting success starts with discovering your God-ordained purpose, vision, your dream and then defining objectives that lead to the fulfilment of this purpose, step by step. But there is another necessary ingredient to the success that should not be left out. And that is, understanding the power of believing. Have faith in your ability to given by God to realise your vision is vital to your success. You must believe in and believe in it so strongly that you're willing to act, take risks and to maintain, even when things seem sad and frustrated attempts to set. Faith brings when give emotions. Faith will triumph when they say they are feelings, never work. Faith will allow you to see the invisible and continue on the path, when the other is called, foolish and insane. Faith surpasses all adversity, because it is a spiritual force that cannot be shaken or defeated.

When you sense that there is a divine purpose for your life and make the objectives, specific measures of action leading to the realization of your dream, believing that the vision is what will inspire and motivate you to act on your goals.

Not all believe in your dream. Some will actually tell you that there are only dream, because what you see within will never happen. What they say is not important. History has recorded the time and time again that when a person with a dream to dare to believe in that dream until constant pursuit, nothing can stop their dream a reality.

The dreamer is great and great could be the dream. But without a conviction, the dream remains just that. It takes faith to achieve any goal worth. We want to believe in God and believe in yourself and your talents and gifts God has given you.

Believe you accept the fact that you have a purpose. Seek after such purpose and, once discovered, to achieve this goal, regardless of the challenges.

This acceptance shall reach the place where it inspires action. If you do not act on your dreams, the lack of faith. Don't you think that you can have what you want. You embrace fear as your reality. But fear is simply false evidence appearing real. It is not true.

Fear says, "imagine that" you've done and nothing happens. The issue only interrupts and hinders the most people to pursue their dreams. If fear comes knocking on your door saying, "what if" respond in kind, but on a positive note, saying, "Yes, but what if it works? What happens if happens? What if it comes to pass? I would not take the chance and see what happens?

Faith is to believe in God and in yourself, to the point that you will be the courage to act on your dreams. The saddest thing in life is to talk you out of your dream. You will never know what you're really capable of reaching higher, the courage to dream and then pursue those dreams with the realization that if God is for you, it cannot properly be against you.

Always remember that fear will look and say, let's say it doesn't work. Faith will always say, with God as my assistant, advocate and Provider, I know what I want, and I'm going for it. I will have it.

Sheldon d. Newton is a motivational and inspirational speaker, teacher, lecturer and seminar pastor. He is the author of various books transform lives, including: refuse to live common life, the power of Positive affirmations Biblical, humility and honor of God and true spirituality, available from and
Its purpose is to see burning the lives transformed through application of timeless principles and godly, that will enable them to live a better life of peace, wholeness and fulfillment. Visit his website:

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Repetition is the mother and the father of all learning!

Repetition, repetition, repetition---who speaks as your MOM and dad to tie their shoes, to make your bed, and many other life skills before you were five years old. How to forget these basic principles of learning. We think perhaps now we are more intelligent, but if you look closely, you'll find that most learning has not changed much. Repetition is the key to learning.

The success is very similar. Success is really learn to repeat takes constantly arrive to it. Sure, some success stems can happen, but I think this kind of success is few and far between. Success constant repetition of some basic principles learned and done well. Are steps that need to be repeatable as you adventure towards consummation.

Here are some repeatable steps that usually follows the success:

1) Written goals-- it's a proven fact that written goals have a minimum 50% higher success rate than non-written goals. Write them down and you raise greatly the probability. Think--Write and raise!

2) List known obstacles--you will face difficulties, expect them. Develop a plan for how you will overcome them even before you begin. Others will surely surface along the way, but you will have a huge jumpstart already.

3) Develop an action plan--nothing will happen if you do not need to act. Success takes sweat equity to reap the benefits.

4) timetable for completion--if you don't have a target date for completion, apathy and lethargy creep bring to derail your momentum. The Timeline will help you keep on track

5) Rewards you reap--if you don't see the value of this accomplishment for you and/or others, because they have as a goal to reach. The goal is to have some prizes for you to go through this process. Is the pain worth the gain?--hopefully will be.

If you will repeat these 5 steps repeatedly--you will succeed by this little learning session. Can succeed, and you will succeed, because I think you are a beginner fast repeat!!

"Repetition is a repeatable process successfully learned."

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Think and grow Rich secret: desire

Desire means knowing what you want, then is the first principle of success in "think and Grow Rich". You need to focus attention and energies of mind like a laser on what do you want more, and the universe will respond in kind, with people, opportunities, and seemingly random events that allow you to bring your desire to use-you just pay attention and capture when it happens.

Here is where I would like to make a clarification, or a warning on the Hill of what they're saying. In this chapter and the book, the desire for money is held as the most important thing, to the point of obsession. And while I think this is necessary, must not lose sight of why you want your money. If your intentions are good and pure, God and the universe will do this job for you, giving you the resources you need and want in such abundance, that all you can do is share with others.

If your intentions are greed and avarice, you will get the money, only if such happiness and none of that means, and your life will remain empty. Money is not the end goal, but just a tool to reach your ultimate goal ... your precise purpose. Think of money as fuel to drive your precise aim, that with providing for your needs so that you can pursue your purpose, or if your order requires a lot of capital to run.

Furthermore, simply wishing, hoping, praying, or halfheartedly will not bring riches, but simply spread your energy in a thousand directions, reducing the impact. You must have the desire and the mind will work a plan to achieve it by setting goals and achieving these goals one at a time, without stopping, until it succeeds.

Hill's Formula for success is of 6 parts, and this is very, very important, so don't skip this step:

1. fix in your mind the exact amount that you want.
2. Determine exactly what you want to give in return for the money you want.
3. establish a precise date when the money that the desire to possess.
4. Create a clear plan to achieve your desire and begin at once, whether you're ready or not, to put this plan into action.
5. write a clear and concise statement of steps 1-4.
6. read the written statement aloud, twice daily, once just before retiring at night and once after arising in the morning. How to read, see, hear and believe in yourself already in possession of money.

At the end of the chapter, Hill describes a real-world occurrence of success in his son, who was born without ears. You want to teach the guy Hill to none-less and did and filled the heart of the boy with the desire to succeed to himself and feeling. In the end both, he never believe that it was not possible. Thanks to the invention of a new type of hearing aid and the intelligence of the guy, he became a great success in life and fulfilled his precise aim to help others who couldn't hear hear.

So with that story inspiring, I wonder what my excuse was all this time, and you wonder what is your excuse? We use this example as a fuel to get off our butts and do something important in our lives ... not just for ourselves, but for others too.

Sean Michael Ryan is the host of bring your brain Podcast that can be found on iTunes or on the website: His interests include self improvement and personal development and application of learning, podcasting, creating small businesses, improving marriage, cat care, cooking and long term preservation of food, gardening, and a myriad of other interests.

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Are your habits to support your life?

What are some of your daily habits? Worth taking a look at them. Your habits form what to do with your valuable time. You can decide yourself what habits engage in are "good" or "bad". I would say that the actions you take positively contributing to your health, happiness, prosperity and relationships are worth keeping. Everything else-well, you might want to make some changes. Here are a few habits that I find to be the murderers of dream:

1. email. In my opinion, opening email first thing in the day is not the best way to start. Allow other users to shape your thoughts, actions, and even your mood. I say do your actions first those meaningful-something that makes you happy, something that inspires you to live a great day, or something that contributes to a goal you have. Check your email after you have made the most important things first.

2. Mindless Eating. I think this widely accepted American habit helps to obesity, poor health and a lack of enjoyment. When you eat-just eat. Do not read, watch tv or keep a hand on the keyboard. Be aware of the texture of food, the taste in the mouth as it feels in your belly. Give thanks for all the people involved in getting the food to the table. Of course, enjoy good conversation between bites-but other than that-eating mindful will strengthen your health and life.

3. Noise. Lord, there is no noise everywhere! When gas pump t.v. is blaring at me (jump that gas station now). I had a dentist again after my dentist ex installed flat-screen TV in each room. I'm sure some patients appreciate, but I get nervous when I noticed that the dentist kept watching the t.v. that silence is a good habit to cultivate for the soul. Your inner voice has only know much-need time to be heard. Allow some silence every day.

Be an observer sweet of your habits. Don't beat yourself up-only warning. Those that make you happy? Those who go on your goals and dreams? What are the obstacles. Choose one and decide to change it. Here is a cool tool I found today that will inspire-and it's free.

Would love to hear about a habit that you are ready to change. Leave your comment here and let us know!

Ann offers smart, simple ways for people to recognize what they love doing and do more of this. Its products, articles and books have motivated and inspired to readers in numerous print and online publications. Conducts regular coaching programs, tele-seminars and retreats live, bringing the message to an international audience that living a life based on passion leads to success and prosperity. For fr ^ ee Audio Seminar "be your own boss now" to register at

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Five books that beat the Blues, give you clues and help you Schmooze

Sometimes no matter how good that we are in. Get blue, discouraged or just need someone to pat on the back it says "things will be fine."

How Carl Icahn reportedly said, "If" you are in business and you want a friend, get a dog.

Well, sometimes even the best dog we don't provide the advice that we need we pull out our crisis. But the following books are very useful to encourage and inspire the proverbial dusted off pants and get back on the horse.

First, let me say. We are all in sales, in some capacity. I know that is not a new idea, but it is important to understand. My father is an Episcopal Minister and sells. Granted, it is not a product. But it is undeniable that what sells is a concept. And most of us are selling concepts, somehow, these days.

Read these and jump!

There is a classic, that most people have read by Napoleon Hill. Is his following the original called "think and grow rich with peace of mind" that is my favorite book. The advice is a little smoother. Wisdom is more severe, perhaps matured and adaptable to any situation. The difference between this and the original book is the way that the advice is offered. It is a bit more. If the original book shares the research--this book provides the implementation so that my grandfather did when I was young.

The next book is an exciting find new mine Jeff Olson. His book "the slight Edge: the secret to a successful life," is one of the smarter books around. Alludes to the "secret" repeatedly stresses that Napoleon Hill in the book mentioned above. In fact, Olson's secret is the same secret that "The Secret" you mention, this special, personal and boundless, that are moving toward your goal.

Ah yes, it says, but what happens in real life?

What to do when reality sets in? Surely you have these great ideas and you feel really inspired me, but the world isn't read these books and not understand (or care) targeted as you are?

Another great recent search is the book "Go to No! Yes, it's the destination, as it gets, "by Richard Fenton and Andrea Waltz. This is a short paper with a very simple philosophy. Sales are a numbers game. If you make "no" your goal, you'll encounter over and over again. Instead of pushing off of no, seek to attract them. In this way, the occasional "reunited" you get will be "mess" of the system of finding no

This reversed logic actually works. Take the negative in positive terms. And the positive aspects, in sales, they become less important than the game itself. Think of Edison who said: "I haven't failed. Just know 10,000 ways that won't work ". He scored quite often to "no".

The next two books may or may not turn off. Before you read them: keep an open mind and be ready to learn.

By far, the industry is now a leader in creating many millionaires in the world is network marketing. So if you are in a network marketing business on the right track, with a good education, good people leaders and great people you follow, congratulations!

If you have not yet been successful in identifying your network marketing business, you can start now to learn from this dynamic sector, a few ways to support your business. The following two selections are loaded with concepts immediately applicable to any business or enterprise.

With Mark Yarnell, Randy Gage is a superhero and success stories of network marketing. His "how to build a multi-tier cash machine: the science of Network Marketing" is a master class in a book. Who wants to grow a business through reports should read this book. These are time tested, often commonsense, processes and strategies for working with other people. In addition to offering ways to find the right network marketing company, Randy offers this simple formula for success: "bring a large group of people--always do some simple actions--for an extended period of time."

"Be a recruiting Superstar: The FastTrack for Mary Christensen Network Marketing millions," is another winner for anyone that transforms the mutually beneficial relations in business (one of the best quality of network marketing). She writes, "no matter how committed are you to promote your products, there is a limit to how many people you can reach. Even if you're the greatest sales person on the planet, there is a limit to the number of hours that you can work. If you want to live a life that most people have attracted only about, you need to learn how to recruit. "

As we read, we draw mental references that help us understand what we're reading. If you were thinking about Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki--which is good. Manage a network marketing company. Did you think Avon or P & G--both use the network marketing to draw (and share) huge sales and profits. Have you wondered about Sergei Brin and Larry Page at Google? Do you think that rely on "total fan" word of mouth?

Sale of today is about introducing the people you know and meet along the path of our life to life. There is a right to be one of the best to make that happen faster and as often as possible.

The next time you get the blues--just be happy--can be an opportunity in disguise.

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What you need to know to climb to success

Learn about the power that surrounds you.

Individuals should know that they have the power of success around them at all times. They should look for things that they can create this Bank on success. There are many forces out there that can help you to achieve levels of success. This may include sessions from individuals already happened that can give you the inspiration you need to succeed. Individuals should know that all they require is within their reach and can get all the tips that they need at their finger tips so that they can succeed. Using the power of mind is always a step initiative for acid to success in any field you may be interested in.

Harness the power of the universe.

Get to know that the universe will respond to any signals you are giving it. Everything is all in the mind and for individuals who are seeking success must know and believe that this can become a reality. It is up to you to create your own success by creating your goals and make believe that you can get them. If you take a look at the success of positive life is bound to come your way no matter what challenges you face.

Give directions to life and stop following other people's goals.

An individual must know what he wants and not look at other people only achieve its objectives. People should stop watching other people but are objectives that will work to make their success. It doesn't take much to get its objectives of an individual who has dreams will have problems trying to get success. Everyone needs to know what they want to achieve, then always there won't be a problem. Individuals need to know that they have the power to succeed and all you need is for them to take that leap of faith.


Individuals are nowadays using positive affirmations to push their life for success. A person is able to ensure that they live a happy and fulfilling life through statements. A person can prepare statements to write something that would make both positive and therefore should read this more times daily. This train the mind to believe that they can achieve this and eventually will be able to make it a reality.


View success if you're hoping to receive any success. Everything is up to you what you need to manually set to achieve. If you create a vision of what you want to achieve, it is easier to get this done without problems, as it will be already set guidelines for you to follow. Creating a vision should not be a difficult task, that is if you know what you want just bring your ideas and try to give you a timeline when this should be done like this that you should be able to make them more realistic as possible.

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How not to succeed

No doubt there are many people that you know are not conventionally success-have you ever thought why? Perhaps you have not yet happened, and it is impossible to determine the cause. This article will help you to fill in the blanks, outlining some of the reasons why people fail in the process of learning how to be successful.

Here are 5 characteristics that lead to learn how not to succeed:

1. complain

Complainers are never succeeded because they self sabotage. You know the type. They had only the most incredible experience of their lives, and all you feel from their mouth is a list of issues connected with the experience. Jeez!

2. Criticize

Critics are the ones that didn't make it. To compensate for this, they pretend to be an authority and tell you how it should be done. A critic will never get what they want, because the nature of their personality is looking for errors!

3. be angry

Anger can get very far in the world and yes it is possible to reach a certain level of success, but unfortunately there is a price to pay. Angry people tend to lose sight of the sense of gratitude and then are able to appreciate any success they achieve. What happened, if she can't appreciate?

4. Be uncaring

People who don't care, it didn't happen. Success depends on others, and you must be careful to keep people around. Selfishness doesn't cross paths with success, instead leads to social alienation.

5. Be unhappy

Unhappy people failed. If you're doing something that is making you unhappy, then it means that you probably shouldn't do it. Success that creates misery, it didn't happen, but a masquerade.

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Friday, February 4, 2011

Your desire for success

Desire is the starting point of any implementation. To achieve something great you need to start with a desire for that. All those who have done something important had a strong desire and clear on that. This is not a sort of hope, nor a desire, is a definite desire, loud and clear that not waver or disappear over time.

If you have a dream that you want to turn into reality, start with the desire for your ultimate goal, learning and experience all that is needed. You must delete the lack of ambition and laziness. A lot of people had experienced hard times before they actually reached their goal. It is important to learn from failures and keep on going. There is nothing that you can not overcome as long as you believe in a positive outcome.

Sometimes the most difficult times can bring knowledge and experience that usually don't get anywhere. When you form your desire you must turn it into a faith. You are not ready to move forward, unless you do. It takes some effort to do all this, but I know that the creation of wealth and poverty requires the same effort. Life is ready to offer you what you search for, just ask for it.

When you have a burning desire for something, I can do almost anything to make it happen. If you keep it, it will grow in faith. As long as you hold in your mind has great potential to manifest in your life. When you develop a habit of doing this and when you learn from their experiences, will go beyond the objectives of the former and evolve. May be even more difficult time, but you still have the knowledge to eliminate barriers and move towards success.

These are some tips and tricks that I recommend you implement as soon as possible. I hope you found this information useful and interesting so you can learn more consistently and manually move a little closer to your goal. The content above is from my experience and his intention is to expand your consciousness and you gain more knowledge and experience to help.

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(A) the "PEP" Talk for success

We all have a desperate need of pep talks along the road to keep us motivated to advance through thick and thin. Yes, we can be a winner as we approach the disappointments along the way. It may take a little pep talk to continue the fight. Read the brave one ...

If you remember the word PEP, you will multiply the chances of success 3 times. Let's take a closer look at this word very little that is full of energy and motivation of the pack. We will break it down by letter:

P- Positive attitude and thinking--that you've never heard of with any "pep" has this in large bold letters. If you don't believe in a positive outcome, so why continue to struggle. Each team member must raise a positive attitude through positive thinking. This is a requirement for the victory and success.

E- Encouragement--a "pep" talk is given when dis-couragement surfaces large, ugly head in a given situation. Encouragement is none other than infusing courage. We have our minds and hearts reloaded with a sense of motivation to fight when things are difficult. Must be built up the courage to continue.

P- Leading Focus--Passionate "pep" talks are asking all of us to refocus and then walk with direction can be manipulated to a successful conclusion. As it loses focus, the aim of achieving gets very fuzzy and inability to reach your goal is inevitable.

If you remember yourself ' PEP "talk when they fail, will fight the majority the fist. Now, put some pep in action and get out of there and just Do IT!

"Putting the necessary" PEP "in your tank, and you will not run out of gas.

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Doing what you next happen!

One of my mentors, Barry Foster is known for his mantra "Making what is near future." I've always been intrigued by the sound of that Declaration. There are some good catchy phrases out there, but for some reason "what is the near future to make" really speaks to me.

As a coach, I see the brilliance to assume the responsibility to make things happen. Now, while I can't make things happen for everyone else, I can encourage, support, motivate and give the tools so that people can do their own thing happen. So, how do I view this mantra interpreted?

Well, to me, what is the near future is all about a decision. When you accept the challenge ... or the responsibility of making something happen that you are taking the property. For more, ' do ' is a verb, a word of action that requires some level of action or movement. And this is the key. The movement, action, attitude of go-get-it is the beginning, and perhaps the most important step from knowing what you want, of course.

Once you realize that you are responsible to make what is the perfect place for you, the attitude and the world view changes. You start realizing the opportunities and creating new ways to get what you want. Enjoy the freedom that comes from creating solutions for situations that are energy and you share this with those around you know that you are doing, that enables you to do what is near future for them.

What is the magic behind ' make what is the next future? ' How to take a look is the choice that a step forward. A step that will bring you closer to your goal. If you think about the big picture (which is important, but not at this stage) you can get overwhelmed or confused by everything that you could take. And let's face it, it's easy to get bombarded with so much feeling defeated or negative information and influence out there. Think about what's next for you? What you want and how do I get there?

You will need to shred down this goal or vision down bite-size pieces, manageable. Most do, the more you get to your goal and as you move forward, build momentum, self-esteem and confidence. To determine what is next ask yourself?

what I want (big picture)?what will I get/get/hear to reach this goal?what kind of things you can do that will support my goal? (be ambitious, write at least 20 as if money or time where no obstacles)

From the list of 20; Choose 2 or 3. Now take each of them and write a description; What to do and how? What kind of support you need? How long will it take you? Connect with the results showing how great it feels when you achieve it. So go ahead. Put these on your agenda action steps now. Use the outlook calendar for reminders, sticky notes with positive affirmations and you will do what is "next happen". When you do, thank you and go back to the drawing table ... now, what's next?

If you have difficulty in identifying the strengths and the course of action; If the view is now cluttered or confusing; If you want a partner that can help you to structure the best way to make things happen; personal development coaching might be what you are looking for.

2010 Maria Martinez

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Understand your divine purpose in life

Big things are made by people who are meant to be and relentlessly pursued with determination and persistence that refuses to back down, cave or close. Success is no accident. Is actually manufactured by applying principles of Almighty God of long ago. These principles work for anyone who dares to walk in them and never have been known to fail. They work by age, sex, colour or race. The starting phase of these principles is discovering why you are here on planet Earth. You were born for a purpose, and to achieve this purpose and pursue that, you wonder aimlessly through this world, unhappy, unfulfilled and, Yes, even miserable. You can accumulate things that perish with use. You might even be a billionaire. Inside, it can still be empty. The realisation of your divine purpose is what completes, not mere external things that you own. What have you? Things or your purpose?

Purpose means literally, the reason for one thing. You are here for a reason. And why it was decided for you centuries ago by the Almighty God, who has made man and knows what it takes to make you feel satisfied and deeply satisfied. As a matter of fact, when you discover that purpose and to walk in it, you come to the realization that this was what they were created for and to achieve.
How can we discover this purpose? Here are a few things to consider:

1. God is created for a purpose. Just walk into the divine right to be can occur fulfilment, satisfaction and true peace.

2. You must discover God's purpose for your life. Do not attempt to walk in someone else. Fulfillment will not bring it to you. God has a plan just for you.

3. If you really want to know your divine purpose, go and ask the one that is created for a purpose. Ask God to reveal to you her plan for your life. If you're serious and ask him with a pure heart, he will show you the plan. Deep inside, you will have a sense and know what you're supposeed to do with your life.

4. When it turns out that purpose, be prepared to fulfill it. Read books, Go back to school, if necessary, do what is required and necessary to develop your potential, talents and gifts given by God.

5. ask God for his wisdom and help and create a plan and goals, leading to the realisation of your divine assignment. Scheduling and setting goals ia a must for any person wishing to real success in anything.

6. Once you set your goals, to pursue you. I didn't say jump up and quit your job. For this reason, the schedule is so necessary. You must move in stages. And how to develop things divine, if the purpose that you leave a job and embraces another or start your own business, as you walk the path, things move more into what it should do. If your stay with Almighty God, you know what to do and when. Remember, the wisdom is key.

Sheldon d. Newton is a motivational and inspirational speaker, teacher, lecturer and seminar pastor. He is the author of various books transform lives, including: refuse to live common life, the power of Positive affirmations Biblical, humility and honor of God and true spirituality, available from and
Its purpose is to see burning the lives transformed through application of timeless principles and godly, that will enable them to live a better life of peace, wholeness and fulfillment. Visit his website:

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10 steps to success and achievement

I think it's your business and personal life, that you need a map to guide you along the way. Because of this I decided to share with you what I call my version of the 10 principles of success and achievement, adapted from "5 principles of personal success Napolian Hill". It is my belief that if you have and apply these principles to your life you will achieve any goal that you set for yourself, both personally and professionally.

# 1: Optimism-the ability to control our thoughts and emotions, optimism is the only thing in life that you have complete control, uncontested and unchangeable.

"Direct thoughts control your emotions and sort your destiny".

# 2: Faith-is a State of mind through which your goals, desires, plans and objectives are translated into their equivalent physical or financial.

"You can do it if you believe you can."

# 3: Planning-the highest form of self-regulation, the Faculty of all your mind, to coordinate and direct their combined power to a specific purpose.

"You can keep your mind works for you, even while you sleep, carefully controlled and planning".

# 4: determination-is the exercise of your mind for the challenge and adventure. Uses the old ideas and establish facts to bring them together in new combinations and put to new uses.

"Determination is the laboratory for the soul".

# 5: Vision-the starting point for achievement is knowing what is your goal and knowing what you want.

"Successful people moving on its own initiative, but they know where you're going before you begin".

# 6: Attitude-a pleasant personality helps to master the main cause of bankruptcy; the inability to get along with people in harmony.

"Your personality is your greatest asset or liability. It embraces all control: body, mind and soul "

# 7: Objectives-inner strength that initiates the action of all; starts the power behind the completion of everything one.

"No man is free until he learns to do your own thinking, and gain the courage to act on its own initiative".

# 8: Perseverance-you must recognize all of the facts of life, both good and bad and takes responsibility for separation and organizing two, choice that serve its needs and rejecting all others.

"You are what you think."

# 9: Knowledge-hardship and adversity are a common language of nature in which speaks of all living creatures and teach them things that they would not have learned in any other way.

"Every adversity brings with it the seed of an equivalent or greater benefit."

# 10: Enthusiasm-a contagious mood that not only helps you get the cooperation of others but, more important, inspires you to tap into and use the power of your imagination.

"Real enthusiasm comes in and is the faith in action".

Personally apply these entities to my life on a daily basis. It is my hope that do the same to become a successful person and entrepreneur who deserves to be!

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Keys to success-persistence

Keys to success are many. And they all work hand in hand to produce a desired result. First, there must be a vision of what a person wants to achieve, become or reach. There should be a plan as the person can walk towards a dream on a daily basis and in progress. Must be no belief. All things are really possible for a person who believes. And the golden key persistence must be applied in order to end the race that the person has begun. Persistence means, according to Websters Dictionary, to be constant. Denotes an individual who is intent on getting what you are after, refusing to be obstructed, discourage or arrested. A person is persistent so exhausted in order before him or her that the fault is not optional. This person is the mindset, I am what I am after, by the grace of God, and there is no lease until then.

There are various elements of the soul persistent, which I will only mention a few:

1. The persistent soul is consistency. This simply means that an individual persistent works towards the achievement of the objectives of which he or she has done every day. They work to hit their target brand within the allotted time and remain on it.

2. persistent soul is diligent. Means to be diligent to provide constant, careful, constant effort toward the end or a desired goal. Worth your time, energy and effort to make a careful study on the issue of due diligence. Prove to you why some succeed and why many don't. Due diligence is truly persistent soul in action. (A great place to understand the difference between the soul diligently and its counterpart, the lazy person, is the book of proverbs in the Bible). I promised you that are worth checking out.

3. persistent soul is intolerant to failure. They refuse to fail. Its that simple. They cannot take failure as the final word. Even if something does not work a persistent way, a person will go to this other way and another and another, until they get what they want.

4. persistent soul is at rest. This means that they will not be moved from their course.

5. soul persistent persists.

To be persistent, you must have the objectives in view at all times. You need to know where you are going and have to persevere until it arrives. most of the time, the thing that drives the most to the pinnacle of success is persistence. In other words, never GIVE UP.

Stay with your dream. Keep walking towards it. Keep at it. Think about it every day. Meditating constantly and carefully and be constantly in pursuit of its objectives. You are bound to win.

Sheldon d. Newton is a motivational and inspirational speaker, teacher, lecturer and seminar pastor. He is the author of various books transform lives, including: refuse to live common life, the power of Positive affirmations Biblical, humility and honor of God and true spirituality.
Its purpose is to see burning the lives transformed through application of timeless principles and godly, that will enable them to live a better life of peace, wholeness and fulfillment. Visit his website:

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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Shortcut for personal growth

There is such a link? Absolutely.

Whenever you get with friends long-time-no-see, tell you? Will come to you with surprise, "Wow, you've changed a lot. What have you done? " We would always friends tell me so and made me think again about five years.

Five years ago, has been living happily in Shanghai and has never had the thought of leaving there, until I met a friend who had just returned to Shanghai, having lived in Australia for 10 years. During one of our talks, said to me, "it is good to see the world, if you get the chance. You can experiment with the different culture and different perspectives. " What said registered in my mind. Half a year later, an opportunity of work I decided to come to Singapore and began to explore another country.

Today, I'll say it was a decision without regret and has been an enriching experience. If I hadn't met and made friends with him, I could have taken several years to come. He was the friend I met, who influenced me in my journey of growth.

Until now, I never stopped to meet many new people and get to know them and their lives. It is always fascinating to explore different experiences that others have.

Might be stories that someone said it has opened a new world to me;
might be the words of someone said that a new light on me;
could be the adventurous personality, someone has discovered unlimited possibilities of life for me.

It was the people I met in five years and the positive impact that had on me that I have brought along the path of personal growth.

Motivational Speaker, Charlie Jones "Huge," he said, "is the same person in five as you are today, except for the people you meet and the books they've read."

1. do you meet new people? What to learn from each person you meet?

2. how to "books laws"?

I can't stress more on this. All great minds were reminds us again and again.

"His spirit fed with the bread of books." ~ Edwin Markham

"Books are lighthouses built in the great sea of the time." ~ E.P. Whipple

"Books are the quietest and most constant of friends; They are the most accessible and wisest of counselors, and the most patient of teachers. "~ Charles W. Eliot

It was seven habits of highly effective people who planted the seed appreciative and empathetic in my heart;
was how to make friends and people of influence that has strengthened the readiness of my listening ear;
It was almost Buddhist purified my soul, who grew up in me a peaceful mind;
was failing to forward that gave me courage and determination;
was developing the Leader within you that showed me the opportunity and hope.

You know how many people stopped reading after they have left the school? Over 80% of the population. You're one of them?

Mark Twain said, "the man who read good books has no advantage over the man who can't read them."

If you continue reading, you know how much benefit you?

Five years from now, it will be different? You choose to do another you?

Cynthia is a voice and speech coach and trainer, based in Singapore. She helps you discover your true inner voice that is authentic and confident. She also assists organizations to vocal training and presentation.

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Stop struggling, get expert advice for successful living now

Nobody wants to be a loser. You don't have to continue with the struggle of daily life without seeing any sign of working for a rosy future. Although it may seem like your fate is out of your hands, you can do something today to start making your way to a better life. Get expert advice for living success now. Your refusal and excuses not to get anywhere. Changing this negative way of thinking in a positive mental attitude will now begin your journey towards success. Don't think for a second that it is easy to get where you want to be. Yes, success does not come easy-but with the right frame of mind, can bulldozer through all obstacles on the road to success. Financial management expert and guru of personal excellence and the number of books and audio CD that will give you everything you need to succeed in life.

Although there are books which are best-sellers, there is no guarantee that you will have success in life after reading these books or listening to audio CD. It is important to note that you must work to success in life. You have to put things that you read in the books in action. There are books not only explain his techniques, they also offer materials that allow the practice of these techniques. There is no way you can go wrong with step-by-step guides on how you can successfully transform themselves into a ready individual authorised to collect the fruits of success. Yes, you can stop struggling and start doing really a life not only for today but also for a better tomorrow as well. Secrets to success below will allow you to succeed sooner than thought possible to experience. Get expert advice for the success of live today just might be the best decision you ever make in your life.

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Reading-unleash the infinite greatness of subconscious mind power

Techniques of subconscious mind can give you the freedom to achieve anything you want in your life. Carrying out deep financial freedom, love relationships, extraordinary energy intensive, total size, real satisfaction, constant awareness, magnificent influence, these are some amazing benefits you get when using techniques of power of the mind, of course.

Yes, you have to be warned about this! Mind power secrets work only if it acts in a specific and targeted. Let me tell you my story amazing. Since I'm writing this article, are exactly 4 months that I practice techniques of mind power every day and even more than 2 times per day. Do you want to know my results?

Wow, I'm so happy, because I can finally admit that the pay-off was magnificent, until now. Therefore I can imagine with absolute certainty what will my future bright if overtime, but just keep doing with discipline my daily work on techniques of subconscious mind power. And my friend, this is something that you can get even!

My results were up to now:

1-Deep connection with my true inner source. I earned both intuition and creativity;
2-Extraordinary awareness of what I am and what I can do and be. I feel unstoppable;
3-End of procrastination! This word I removed from my vocabulary;
5-Complete change in my thinking. I transformed my life due to the changes in my thoughts, beliefs, attitudes and habits, speeches;
6-Financial freedom. I started my home business success online
7-Infinite energy. I can enjoy my days 4-5 hours of sleep per night and are in better health and shape of my life;
8-wonderful passion. Live every single second of my life in this amazing size, getting the great advantages of being in the State continue to allow;
9-true love. Now, I'm able to look at things, experiences, events, people and circumstances only in terms of absolute love and total appreciation;
10-absolute faith and confidence. I always trust in God's invaluable guide, the universe and of domestic origin. I am confident that everyone on this planet;

This is something that makes me proud to have believed in the effectiveness of the techniques of subconscious mind power. You can get much more than my results. Because there are no limits. The only limits are those which exist inside you. What you need to follow are proven and effective secrets that will guide you towards achieving an amazing influence, force, energy, effort and money in your life!

It increases the power of mind simply and easily when you are willing to take whatever it takes. For me it was to be totally committed, super concentrated, deeply unstoppable and constantly covered with my daily routine of the techniques of mind power. And I think if you want to achieve extraordinary results, the recipe is quite the same, my friend. Use techniques of unconscious mind each day, several times a day, at least for 30-90 days and I can assure you I very soon that will call for revealing your awesome success! Grab the best mind power secrets finally available in our century and maintain total control of your life now!

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The three key elements of success

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Success is that elusive thing that we all search for, in one form or another, at some point in our lives. Early on, we might measure success in terms of being popular in the playground, or top of the class. Later, we might have a hobby or sport we want to excel at. We might think we are successful if we have an attractive partner or lots of friends, material possessions or money in the bank. We might measure our own success through the results of others, like our children for example, or people that we help, teach and interact with.

However we measure success, the point is that we do all measure it and we strive to be successful in at least one area of our lives. You could even argue the point that people who really mess up in some way are actually successful. If you consider success to be the achievement of something desired, planned, or attempted, as defined in some dictionaries and they set out to fail, then in doing so they are successful - almost like anti-success!

So how can you ensure success, or at least give yourself the very best chance? After much study and deliberation, I would like to offer you a three step formula for success, giving you the three key elements you need to create your own success.


The first thing you need in order to be successful is the right mindset and this can be broken down into three elements; belief, motivation and focus.


Regardless of what you are setting out to achieve, you need to believe two key things. One, that what you are attempting to do, be or have is possible - you may not know how initially and that is fine - and two, that it is possible for you. If you are constantly telling yourself that you can't have, do, or be what you want, for whatever reason, you are defeated before you begin. All you will construct is a self fulfilling prophecy where you fail.


It is unlikely that you will find success immediately so you need to make sure you stay motivated. The best way to do this is to create some really compelling goals for yourself, which focus not upon anything you might want to have, but rather on what having that will give you. You should see money, for example, as a means to getting you the things you want, which will in turn make you feel x or y, or give you something truly beneficial, like more time to spend with your family. These are the kind of goals that will keep pulling you on towards them, when the going gets tough. They will keep you motivated and fuel your determination, because they are undeniably worth the effort taken to achieve them. What will having success in your chosen field give you?


The final component of a successful mindset is focus. Great goals will show the destination, focus will keep you on the road to get there. It's all too easy to allow yourself to be sidetracked and drawn to other things when the going gets tough, particularly if you spend anytime online. I call it magpie syndrome. If you find focussing difficult, break your day down into small parcels of time and assign a particular task for each one. Keep the time frame as short as you need to, to ensure you don't drift and schedule in break times too, so that you are not faced by indeterminable stretches of time, before you can look at that shiny web site you saw out of the corner of your eye!

The same goals that keep you motivated will also help you to focus, so keep a written record of them and read it daily. Make a dream board or journal, with images that signify success for you and look at them often. All these processes are designed to firmly embed what you are looking for in your unconscious mind, so that it knows what it has to work for and to take full advantage of the law of attraction. The energy from your thoughts will attract what you are thinking about, so make sure you are focussing on what you want and not what you don't want.

The second thing you need is a system and what differentiates this from the other two elements of my formula for success, is that it is external to you.


Again, I believe this can be best described in three parts. In order to create success you need a system which will give you the appropriate tools, direction and support.


The tools you need will depend on what area you are aiming for success in and you should find the most appropriate ones for you. This may consist of methodology and theory, or more practical physical tools. It may be that training or instruction is a useful tool for you if this is an area where you still have something to learn.


Unless you are a true pioneer, it is highly likely that someone else has been successful in your chosen area, so find them and learn from them. Why would you waste time, energy and perhaps money, making mistakes you could avoid? Once you have mastered the basics, by all means try something new, but to begin with, learn from someone on a similar path to you, who is further ahead than you! If you can, get yourself a mentor. Someone who is prepared to invest their time in your success too. You may well have to pay for this, but it will more than pay for itself in time saved and energy not wasted.


When you embark on a new path, it can be lonely and when things don't go strictly to plan and success seems a bit further away than you would like, you need support. Again, a mentor can help with this, as they will understand where you are coming from and what you are going through. Friends and family, although often well intentioned, are not always great supporters! You might also find strength and help in meeting others on a similar path. By this I do not mean grouping together with other people who have failed to find success - this is guaranteed not to help!- but meeting people who are of a similar mindset to yours. Just to talk and share ideas can be really helpful. Ideally, look for a system which can offer you all three elements, to accelerate your journey to success.


The final and most crucial element of this system for success is action. You need to be prepared to take action. More specifically you need to be prepared to take consistent, efficient and targeted action. Efficient because you need to make the best use of your time, energy and money, targeted because you need to make sure all of the above that you expend is in exactly the right area at that moment in time and consistent because the occasional burst is not going to do it for you. You need to give time and time again in order to create the success you want. The great thing is that the action you take, the effort you put in, will be in direct proportion to your results. More action = more success, faster! If you were to write it as an equation it would be Success = Action (Mindset + System).

If you are looking to create your own business online, or to turbo boost an existing business, whether you currently work online or not, you will need all of the elements described above if you are to make your business successful.

The Six Figure Mentors is a cutting edge online training and coaching platform and internet marketing community, where like minded entrepreneurs come together to share and learn from each other. Regardless of where you are on your journey, you will find tools, training and support here. Indeed all you need from a system for success is right here!

If you would like a free Six Figure Mentors video series about online marketing and how you can build a successful, sustainable business online, go to or alternatively if you would like to attend the next free webinar to see exactly how the Six Figure Mentors can contribute to your success you can reserve your place at

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Secrets of Millionaires: Secrets to your success

Ever wonder how life would be if you don't have to worry about having enough money to put food on the table, sending their children to school and do whatever you want to do? Everyone wants to live a life of financial independence. Life does not come without having to do anything. You must continue to work for it. When you work for using the secrets of millionaires, the chances of success is almost guaranteed. This is perhaps one of the best examples of work smarter. To increase your chances of financial success, you need to learn only from the best. And who better to teach you the secrets to financial success than most influential and successful of the century. The type of knowledge that you obtain from the works of PT Barnum, James Allen, Henry Thomas Hamblin, Ralph Waldo Trine and Napoleon Hill are unparalleled in arming you with the tools you need in order to begin the journey to success. Their works are conveniently made available through the virtual Mastermind group.

When you visit the Web site, you can learn the secrets of success varied of millionaires. These secrets are treasures in themselves. Through these secrets, you will be able to change your mindset into one that welcomes wealth building rather than reject it. You will be able to let go of bad practices and habits that are prevented from getting ahead in life. The Mastermind group practically gives you a virtual roadmap that you can simply follow to achieve financial success. These secrets of success are revealed to you in a package of audio materials, which you can listen to anywhere. In addition, there are MP3 files and transcripts of interviews with three of the best international life and success coaches today. How to succeed with credible knowledge from these successful people, all that remains for you to do is to put what you learned to practice in your life. It is up to you to make these secrets instrumental in bringing its success.

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Success Makers III-influence of House

Good influence House lays the groundwork for a successful career. Almost everything depends on a good start. If you need to retrace your steps will lose time and confidence. "Do it right the first time," is very good advice to follow constantly. Just ask experts of efficiency.

Want to build a good reputation. Want your associates, acquaintances, audience or market to have a good opinion of you. But you must make sure that your good reputation is well deserved because the world will find out sooner or later.

Sudden wealth makes immediate reputation, how does instant friends. But in most cases, adversity is the best test of character-and friendship.

The soldier who fights for his principles is a hero, but not necessarily a success. The reason for your lens determines how much effort is going to put to it. Selfishness can thrive but cannot be lasting success than that based on a desire to help others. Your order will be in times of difficulty and reason that rejoice the day triumph.

Some may ask "why should I work my ass if I have only myself to live?" This could be a common feeling for him who does not have a spouse, partner, mother, brother, sister, children, beliefs or advocacy to fight for. One who does not believe that the effort to build the character has its own reward.

To build a home is one of the biggest reasons for success. Knows everyone who loves her mother venera, or its memory. They are indeed blessed, who continue to suffer from the influence of a good home.

Home is the first and most important influence of the character. That is where everyone receives their best moral education, or his worst. There is one who instills his principles that endure through life. The house training includes the training of the character. There is where most of your eating habits are formed, where aroused your interest, awakened your intellect and your character is modeled for good or evil. The impressions formed in the mind of a child, becomes the world opinion if your child finds success later in life.

Is in the nature of things that the domestic life is prepared to participate in society in General. From family life we advance to citizenship. Where love and responsibility pervades the House, we can expect that people healthy, happy and able to develop, thus contributing to the overall well-being of society.

A good House is the best environments, not only in his youth, but in the third age. We both enjoy a cheerful atmosphere, a sense of civic duty where patience, self-control and is nourished in one service and taught by others. The House is where to learn tolerance for shortcomings of another because they feel the same when you show your.

A lot depends on the House, because it is the cornerstone of society and good governance. And it's a sad commentary on our times that there are so many distractions to neglect it.

As the House hits the character because of the people living there, it follows that the young man who leaves behind his house, it would be to associate with people who recall memories of him.

House influence lays the foundations for a successful career.

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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Key of success-stay motivated

A lack of motivation can significantly impede or stop the progress of achieving our golas we made for ourselves. When we procrastinate because we don't have that feeling, that drive, that energy to pursue our dreams, because we are in misery because of what we have accomplished and why we feel unnecessary and inefficient. Motivation is a must if we are to achieve our aim of God-ordained and vision for our lives. The objectives are the roadmaps to our destination, our dream. But the motivation is the gas that we have to arrive by car. Be motivated simply means to be moved to action. Without action, nothing will happen.

There are several reasons why we lack of inspiration and motivation towards our dreams and destiny given by God. Some of these include the following:

1. Laziness. I know you want me I had started with another reason for our lack of motivation. But if we're honest about it, many times we are able to act on our goals and dreams and give it our all, because we don't like. If you are going to get anywhere in life you must learn to master your emotions and they obey and serve. Your feelings of love and pleasure. Similarly, until they are trained, they hate the responsibility. So do not depend on them. If you have your goals, acting on them. Period. Be consistent and persistent. You are bound to win. And your feelings will be glad you did.

2. failure to pass. I don't know if there is anything that can deplete our energy as a failure of the past. When it seems as though something we gave our all and things don't work in our favor, it just feels like the thing to do is to throw in the towel and quit. After all, if we have failed at that, imagine what might happen if we try to do it again, or something else, right? When this occurs, go to your bookstore and find an autobiography of someone who has done something incredible. Sit back, take a deep breath and read it. You will find that all those who have made something great had apparent failure and set-backs. The reason that won and achieve their goals and dreams is not because they never succeeded. It was because they never stop. If your motivation does not return after reading the first book, and then get another and then another. Read the stories of samples and you put the guts Back inside of you.

3. Lack of encouragement.
Sometimes we feel as if we need encouragement from others in order to get up and move on or stay on course. I agree that it is good to hear words of courage and inspiration from friends and loved ones. But don't depend on it. You will have to learn to stay just with the Lord as your support. Not all believe in your dream. Sometimes people who you thought would have your back will be very trying to speak with you to achieve your goals. So make up your mind to go after your order, why you want and want more than anything. Focus is key to meeting your destiny.

Now here are some tips on how to stay motivated as you pursue your God given goals and dreams:

1. remember, your dream is just that, your dream. Leave it so important to you and pursuing it relentlessly.

2. read other books that come out and kept until they have reached their goal. Inspire to do the same. (Yes, that is right. Become a reader).

3. keep the rewards of dream before you. What will receive if you pursue your God-given purpose and dreams? Keep that before you. You can continue to keep encourage.

4. reading the Bible. The word of God is the greatest source of motivation that exists. Read it so often. You will maintain the fire.

5. pray. Ask God to help you as you continue to achieve your vision for your life.

Dreams are made to be realized. So never give up. Stay motivated and keep it going.

Sheldon d. Newton is a motivational and inspirational speaker, teacher, lecturer and seminar pastor. He is the author of various books transform lives, including: refuse to live common life, the power of Positive affirmations Biblical, humility and honor of God and true spirituality, available from and
Its purpose is to see burning the lives transformed through application of timeless principles and godly, that will enable them to live a better life of peace, wholeness and fulfillment. Visit his website:

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