Monday, January 31, 2011

How to get started and reach your goals

Getting started is the first step to achieve any goal. Then must continue. You must keep at it and never leave or cave until you have hit the mark. It is persistence. The quality and the characteristic of being constant is where many are sadly lacking, and the reason behind why so few people experience success. People who persist often achieve their goals and dreams due to the fact that refuses to accept failure as final. They won't take no for an answer. If something does not work in a way, they find another way. And if not that pass through them, find another way. The person who won't give up, is not a question of if you will. It's simply a matter of how and when they will.

Anyone can experience the thrill and excitement of goals and dreams realized. There is no such thing as, "some people are born to be a success and others were born to be errors." Or as I heard, "some people are born with a silver spoon or gold in their mouth." Given that some people are born into a wealthy family, once say that everyone is born to win in life. Then, the question is why most people live in failure, if the success belongs to everyone? The answer to this question is varied, but here are several reasons:

1. lack of purpose. When you don't know why you're here, the reason to be here, how can you meet it? Everyone on this earth for a purpose of God-ordained. Responsibility is to seek God and find out what it is that vision and then get busy pursuing it relentlessly.

2. lack of goals. The objectives are important because they give us a road map of where we go. If you have in writing where would love to go, you can simply follow the map. Over time, you'll get there if not discourage or close.

3. lack of ambition. It is sad but true that many people don't get far in life because they simply lack of ambition to do what needs to be done and fulfill their true purpose and potential. A better word for lack of ambition is laziness. Many would be rich and Blessed, as long as you don't have to work and earn from it. Not like the old saying goes, "there is no reality as something for nothing". Salvation is also equipped with a price. Jesus Christ gave his life that we can be saved, through his death, burial, and resurrection.

4. A lack of attention. Focus broke is the cause behind, if not all, most errors. When our minds are diverted from the main thing, that is, our dreams and goals to other things, that for the most part, have little or nothing to do with our success in life, we will get off course and are far from our goal, in fulfilment of another purpose.

5. lack of motivation. Energy is needed to fulfill the dreams of our hearts. We need strength and this strength and power will come from the joy and motivation that we carry inside see our dreams fulfilled and our purpose built. The thing that has kept the Master on the cross, when he could come down, had the joy of what he had seen him before. (Hebrews 12: 2, the Holy Bible). Saw that you and i. Similarly, the key to stay motivated is still dreaming of what we achieve because of our work, if we are not weak. Why get up and go to work every morning, no matter how you feel? I assure you that is not just because you love your job. You can, as the work. And how can your chapter. But, what motivates and stress, beyond your feelings is that salary. Money is a motivator. This is also another point: the motivation is not feelings. So do not wait on a feeling of pursuing its objectives. Get to work. The feelings can come later.

If you really want to achieve your goals, then go after them one at a time and don't stop until you reach them. Is it really that simple.

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