Thursday, January 27, 2011

Success because it avoids most of us

Most feel entitled and expect everyone to lend their wealth. More than just react. More than just bouncing. Most are not serious. Most are so distracted that they forget what they were going to do first.

Also most don't read the books they buy. Most don't put it in 20% of the effort it takes to make it. Most procrastinate. Most people start something one day and then never touch again for weeks-and then forget that even had idea that in the first place. Most people out there aren't serious. Most people are lazy. Most people are not easy to work with, or partner with. Most people are afraid of change.

Most people let their emotions get in the way. Most people look for someone of their hand. Most people cannot think for themselves-they need others to do their thinking for them. Most are insecure and lack of self-confidence. Most search for some secret strategy or tactic that secrecy is easy and will make them rich.

Most are just dreamers, expense or wasting their time. The creation of wealth and success, requires work. It requires determination, consistency, persistence, skills, knowledge and attitudes.

Success requires sacrifice. I'm talking about sacrificing TV, resting, or whatever people that get in the way. Example: a person says that he cannot create wealth, because he has kids and a job. He has no time. Find time, sleep less, watch less TV, work on your day off, schedule an hour a day and sacrifices. And, when you have time, work smarter. Use wisely the time to get things done.

Success requires work and. ... now make time now to start working. We all have the same 24 hours a day. These are those that use those 24 hours best that add the most value and create more wealth.

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