Sunday, February 6, 2011

When not listen to others

"Who said it could not be done? And what great victories he has that qualify him to judge others carefully?
-Napoleon Hill

The next time someone puts you down or tells you you'll never accomplish anything or said anything negative about you or what you are doing wonder what makes them qualified to judge you.

Many times people will offer you free advice, because you care about you and don't want to see you get hurt or losing your money. This advice comes from caring even though it may be negative.

They may say "that won't work! Why are they wasting your time? "Although it is a negative you are saying because you care, but you need to analyze their education.

What are really saying? "They are saying" I don't think it will work but if it's something you believe in something you want to take their education, to thank them for their advice and then say to yourself, "I'll show them! I'll make this work and then you know that I can do it! "

Use their negative declaration for the drive to succeed.

Other people will shoot down your dreams because they are jealous that you can succeed and which will be even where they are now. Their statements come to stop out not because they care, but because they don't want to see it happen while it is not so and who are too lazy to do what you are doing.

Recent types of people are the ones that you like or don't like only someone who succeeds. These people are too lazy to do anything except run their mouths and cut to anyone that has worked hard and achieved success.

Are being felt sorry for this people. They have nothing better to do then attack energy to reach actually nothing worth wild and those who have succeeded.

At the end the only opinion about you that matters is what you have on you. It's always nice to ask for input or advice, just make sure you are asking the right people who will be honest and useful, not just trying to put your in your site or actually trying to see you fail.

Success is a State of mind, such as health and your image of yourself.

Always consider the source and advise the tone in which it is displayed.

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