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To believe is acting toward your goals and dreams

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You can achieve something that we determine to be important to you, if you think you can, by the grace of God. All things are possible to individual who truly understands what it takes to get what they want and it is persistent in pursuing their goals and dreams. Belief is more of a mental assent to something. Many people do not understand the difference between faith and the mental assent. Mentally assent to something you agree simply that can happen, and perhaps someday will, if the Lord wills. Faith is so much more. Believe says, "I know he is God's will for me, for this purpose, achieve this or own this, and for his grace, I will do what is necessary in order to receive the desire of my heart. People who sit on the sidelines hoping and praying that someday it will be their time, rarely, if ever, get anywhere. But those who believe enough to take action consistently and persistently always rises to the top and experience the thrill of victory and success.

In a nutshell, if your believe does not involve an action, don't you think. Are mentally consent that something is. And hopefully it comes to pass. But without the active participation and the pursuit of its objectives, you will find yourself in the same position, day after day, month after month and year after year. Must get involved. You need to know what you want. To gain an understanding of what it takes to get what you want. You must set goals that lead ultimately what you would like to have and reach. These objectives are to break down in a concrete plan of action, concrete action steps that you can apply, starting immediately. You must ensure that what it does not violate the laws of God (the Bible) and did not injure humanity. You must believe that your desire, you can. Must ask God Almighty for his help and wisdom in pursuing your goals and dreams. Then the conviction should push and motivate action, bold, aggressive, persistent, that refuses to accept anything but the victory and success.

Faith moves mountains, because real inspires us to believe with the help of God, jump every obstacle, push off and go through every barrier, every troops, jump on every wall, break down every giant that tries to stop or hinder us and crush any obstacles in our way.

Faith is acting on what you said that you believe. This is how the creator, that after he spoke, you went ahead and did what he said. He said, "Let there be", then he did what he said. Then he made us in his image and likeness so likewise we can say, "I am", and then aks for his help and strength and go after it, go for it, with the determination that we will not stop or desire to leave up to what is our reality.

So, put the action to your believe and see huge results. Be persistent and consistent, working at your goals and dreams and with the help of God, you will experience the thrill of victory and success.

Sheldon d. Newton is a motivational and inspirational speaker, teacher, lecturer and seminar pastor. He is the author of various books transform lives, including: refuse to live common life, the power of Positive affirmations Biblical, humility and honor of God and true spirituality, available from and

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