Sunday, February 6, 2011

Keys to success-warning

Principles of real and lasting success starts with discovering your God-ordained purpose, vision, your dream and then defining objectives that lead to the fulfilment of this purpose, step by step. But there is another necessary ingredient to the success that should not be left out. And that is, understanding the power of believing. Have faith in your ability to given by God to realise your vision is vital to your success. You must believe in and believe in it so strongly that you're willing to act, take risks and to maintain, even when things seem sad and frustrated attempts to set. Faith brings when give emotions. Faith will triumph when they say they are feelings, never work. Faith will allow you to see the invisible and continue on the path, when the other is called, foolish and insane. Faith surpasses all adversity, because it is a spiritual force that cannot be shaken or defeated.

When you sense that there is a divine purpose for your life and make the objectives, specific measures of action leading to the realization of your dream, believing that the vision is what will inspire and motivate you to act on your goals.

Not all believe in your dream. Some will actually tell you that there are only dream, because what you see within will never happen. What they say is not important. History has recorded the time and time again that when a person with a dream to dare to believe in that dream until constant pursuit, nothing can stop their dream a reality.

The dreamer is great and great could be the dream. But without a conviction, the dream remains just that. It takes faith to achieve any goal worth. We want to believe in God and believe in yourself and your talents and gifts God has given you.

Believe you accept the fact that you have a purpose. Seek after such purpose and, once discovered, to achieve this goal, regardless of the challenges.

This acceptance shall reach the place where it inspires action. If you do not act on your dreams, the lack of faith. Don't you think that you can have what you want. You embrace fear as your reality. But fear is simply false evidence appearing real. It is not true.

Fear says, "imagine that" you've done and nothing happens. The issue only interrupts and hinders the most people to pursue their dreams. If fear comes knocking on your door saying, "what if" respond in kind, but on a positive note, saying, "Yes, but what if it works? What happens if happens? What if it comes to pass? I would not take the chance and see what happens?

Faith is to believe in God and in yourself, to the point that you will be the courage to act on your dreams. The saddest thing in life is to talk you out of your dream. You will never know what you're really capable of reaching higher, the courage to dream and then pursue those dreams with the realization that if God is for you, it cannot properly be against you.

Always remember that fear will look and say, let's say it doesn't work. Faith will always say, with God as my assistant, advocate and Provider, I know what I want, and I'm going for it. I will have it.

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