Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Success is not only for the lucky

However, it is true that luck can play a significant role in the success, but I don't think success is entirely for the lucky ones. But much has also been said about building their brand and not something supernatural.

If you think that successful smiles for the lucky alone, think again. Lot of successful people become where are now enjoying the fruits of their labor, having the right connections. Also meet the right person at the right time and of course hard work pays off. Showing up to see what the world has to offer also helps. If you want to make things happen and be ready to face the world of possibilities, then you have to leave home and take some extra effort.

If you can think again that safe, was successful because the connections are only for the lucky ones who have the luck to be born on a silver platter and acquired those connections effortlessly from birth.

Well, how about those rags to riches success story of individuals from poor households dirt never leave their poverty be hindered in their objectives and results? Have you seen the movie "the pursuit of Happyness ' starring Will Smith? Actually is based on the life of Chris Gardner, who rose from rags to riches. Actually is one of the best inspirational film I watched from afar.

Showing, you've already taken the first step. Some people had easily, but there are some who requires an effort to be where they want. But ignoring the large variance, no matter how long or how fast or how simple you got to where you want to always be.

Here the most important thing is to be there where you always wanted to be. I believe that the success when taken with a lot of tests and challenges along the way, is way sweeter because hard struggled and when there are already, you realized that you've come a long way to give this all and in the end, you are so worth it!

That's because success is not just for the lucky ones.

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