Friday, February 4, 2011

10 steps to success and achievement

I think it's your business and personal life, that you need a map to guide you along the way. Because of this I decided to share with you what I call my version of the 10 principles of success and achievement, adapted from "5 principles of personal success Napolian Hill". It is my belief that if you have and apply these principles to your life you will achieve any goal that you set for yourself, both personally and professionally.

# 1: Optimism-the ability to control our thoughts and emotions, optimism is the only thing in life that you have complete control, uncontested and unchangeable.

"Direct thoughts control your emotions and sort your destiny".

# 2: Faith-is a State of mind through which your goals, desires, plans and objectives are translated into their equivalent physical or financial.

"You can do it if you believe you can."

# 3: Planning-the highest form of self-regulation, the Faculty of all your mind, to coordinate and direct their combined power to a specific purpose.

"You can keep your mind works for you, even while you sleep, carefully controlled and planning".

# 4: determination-is the exercise of your mind for the challenge and adventure. Uses the old ideas and establish facts to bring them together in new combinations and put to new uses.

"Determination is the laboratory for the soul".

# 5: Vision-the starting point for achievement is knowing what is your goal and knowing what you want.

"Successful people moving on its own initiative, but they know where you're going before you begin".

# 6: Attitude-a pleasant personality helps to master the main cause of bankruptcy; the inability to get along with people in harmony.

"Your personality is your greatest asset or liability. It embraces all control: body, mind and soul "

# 7: Objectives-inner strength that initiates the action of all; starts the power behind the completion of everything one.

"No man is free until he learns to do your own thinking, and gain the courage to act on its own initiative".

# 8: Perseverance-you must recognize all of the facts of life, both good and bad and takes responsibility for separation and organizing two, choice that serve its needs and rejecting all others.

"You are what you think."

# 9: Knowledge-hardship and adversity are a common language of nature in which speaks of all living creatures and teach them things that they would not have learned in any other way.

"Every adversity brings with it the seed of an equivalent or greater benefit."

# 10: Enthusiasm-a contagious mood that not only helps you get the cooperation of others but, more important, inspires you to tap into and use the power of your imagination.

"Real enthusiasm comes in and is the faith in action".

Personally apply these entities to my life on a daily basis. It is my hope that do the same to become a successful person and entrepreneur who deserves to be!

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