Tuesday, February 1, 2011

How to become unsuccessful-Top 3 tips to sabotage your success

Everyone is trying to become successful at one thing or another, but I know they are quite different and I have been looking for some great tips to help you become unsuccessful. To help you out of pure compassion I have compiled a list of my top 3 tips to sabotage your success

Tip # 1: try to please everyone

Someone had said "I don't know the key to success, but I know the key to failure and that is" trying to please everyone.

If you want you kill your success then do this.

Always try to please everyone around you, and nobody can prevent unsuccessful. Guaranteed!!!

Try to be as about another Tip # 2

You can't beat this one. If you really want to be unsuccessful, then this idea is just perfect.

Always try to be as something else, a copy is always their own style of walking, talking, eating, think, behave, etc etc etc..

You know what? No body likes a person who walk, talk, eat, think or behave like about another and not like himself. The success rate of success will be much higher.

Tip # 3: don't learn something new

Ahh ... There is so much fun to be lazy.

Things and activities and unnecessary waste time sleeping is just wonderful. Never understand what is the need to learn new things.

Enjoy what you've learned so far and learn new things and stay updated for those ' active ' kind of people.

Hope these 3 suggestions must be of enormous help and soon you will become the most successful person ever known!

Avdhessh Arya is a personal development coach, motivational speaker & Voice Actor, based in New Delhi, India.

He helps expand their personal and professional horizons by taking you on a trip called ' personal development '

You are invited to learn about success and personal development tips at his blog http://avdhessharya.wordpress.com/

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