Saturday, February 5, 2011

Repetition is the mother and the father of all learning!

Repetition, repetition, repetition---who speaks as your MOM and dad to tie their shoes, to make your bed, and many other life skills before you were five years old. How to forget these basic principles of learning. We think perhaps now we are more intelligent, but if you look closely, you'll find that most learning has not changed much. Repetition is the key to learning.

The success is very similar. Success is really learn to repeat takes constantly arrive to it. Sure, some success stems can happen, but I think this kind of success is few and far between. Success constant repetition of some basic principles learned and done well. Are steps that need to be repeatable as you adventure towards consummation.

Here are some repeatable steps that usually follows the success:

1) Written goals-- it's a proven fact that written goals have a minimum 50% higher success rate than non-written goals. Write them down and you raise greatly the probability. Think--Write and raise!

2) List known obstacles--you will face difficulties, expect them. Develop a plan for how you will overcome them even before you begin. Others will surely surface along the way, but you will have a huge jumpstart already.

3) Develop an action plan--nothing will happen if you do not need to act. Success takes sweat equity to reap the benefits.

4) timetable for completion--if you don't have a target date for completion, apathy and lethargy creep bring to derail your momentum. The Timeline will help you keep on track

5) Rewards you reap--if you don't see the value of this accomplishment for you and/or others, because they have as a goal to reach. The goal is to have some prizes for you to go through this process. Is the pain worth the gain?--hopefully will be.

If you will repeat these 5 steps repeatedly--you will succeed by this little learning session. Can succeed, and you will succeed, because I think you are a beginner fast repeat!!

"Repetition is a repeatable process successfully learned."

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