Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Measure success in your life

Do you consider yourself successful?

How would you define success?

If you knew you were going to die tomorrow, would you feel happy and satisfied?

Most people are stumped when you ask them these questions and no wonder.

Most of us never really dig deeply into what life means success for us and what specifically would give us meaning and purpose.

Thus as you would be to measure the success of life?

Here are some questions you can ask yourself to serve as a measure of your success.

1. are you happy?

Definitely one of the most important indicators of success in life is happiness. You can have the world at your fingertips, but unless you're happy it's not really true success in life. We all know that of successful people who ended their lives in suicide because they were not happy. If you don't feel happy about yourself or inherently met with the life you live; If you feel that there is something missing in your life, then you have not yet reached the real life success. You must start a journey of discovery to discover what really will provide you with a satisfying life.

2. Know the fundamental values?

Unless you are clear on what the value of life can never be successful. There may be some career goals and other people can look up to you as a person who is doing well in life. But if you are not clear what are the core values of life will be just floating without clear direction as well. Lack of clarity about values = lack of focus. Lack of focus = lack of meaningful results.

3. Are your goals aligned values?

You can get a clear idea of fundamental values, but you may not be aligning objectives for your values. That is even worse than not knowing your values, because you will have a conflict. If you work for the Organization has different values from those who try to honour you not hear never really satisfied or success in life. If the value of freedom and creativity and you are stuck with a procedure that makes yawn of a turtle that you are really stuck and you have to act. It is important that the core values is to keep in mind before you schedule a goal that you want to work on, and you have to ask yourself if this objective is aligned with your goals and mission of life.

4. Are your ecological objectives?

I'm not talking only about the environment here. What I'm talking about is the effect that your goals will have on the other. You can be so absorbed on achieving success in life to just bulldoze your way than other competitively and leave a lot of bloodied bodies behind you. A look back, you might consider your personal success was not worthy the damage that you left behind you.

5. Grow?

The real life success is not what you have and possess, but what has become as a person throughout the journey of life. You can have it all, but if they are growing as a person; If you're not new life experiences that help you to grow, they will feel satisfied.

6. have you Contributed?

An important factor in achieving success in life is to go beyond yourself, in other words, self-transcendence. We all have some human needs as the certainty, of variety, love and connection, meaning and personal growth. But the greatest need, which provides the greatest achievement is self-transcendence. That loving others unconditionally and make a difference in the lives of others. When you contribute to a higher cause you will not only meet this need, but also you will attract to you the fulfillment of other needs. Can earn more than love and connect with others, grow as a person, you feel more significant and you'll get both stability and variety of life.

So it would be a matter of great and final:

If I asked what Legacy will leave behind, you would be able to answer me?

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