Saturday, February 5, 2011

How not to succeed

No doubt there are many people that you know are not conventionally success-have you ever thought why? Perhaps you have not yet happened, and it is impossible to determine the cause. This article will help you to fill in the blanks, outlining some of the reasons why people fail in the process of learning how to be successful.

Here are 5 characteristics that lead to learn how not to succeed:

1. complain

Complainers are never succeeded because they self sabotage. You know the type. They had only the most incredible experience of their lives, and all you feel from their mouth is a list of issues connected with the experience. Jeez!

2. Criticize

Critics are the ones that didn't make it. To compensate for this, they pretend to be an authority and tell you how it should be done. A critic will never get what they want, because the nature of their personality is looking for errors!

3. be angry

Anger can get very far in the world and yes it is possible to reach a certain level of success, but unfortunately there is a price to pay. Angry people tend to lose sight of the sense of gratitude and then are able to appreciate any success they achieve. What happened, if she can't appreciate?

4. Be uncaring

People who don't care, it didn't happen. Success depends on others, and you must be careful to keep people around. Selfishness doesn't cross paths with success, instead leads to social alienation.

5. Be unhappy

Unhappy people failed. If you're doing something that is making you unhappy, then it means that you probably shouldn't do it. Success that creates misery, it didn't happen, but a masquerade.

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