Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Key of success-stay motivated

A lack of motivation can significantly impede or stop the progress of achieving our golas we made for ourselves. When we procrastinate because we don't have that feeling, that drive, that energy to pursue our dreams, because we are in misery because of what we have accomplished and why we feel unnecessary and inefficient. Motivation is a must if we are to achieve our aim of God-ordained and vision for our lives. The objectives are the roadmaps to our destination, our dream. But the motivation is the gas that we have to arrive by car. Be motivated simply means to be moved to action. Without action, nothing will happen.

There are several reasons why we lack of inspiration and motivation towards our dreams and destiny given by God. Some of these include the following:

1. Laziness. I know you want me I had started with another reason for our lack of motivation. But if we're honest about it, many times we are able to act on our goals and dreams and give it our all, because we don't like. If you are going to get anywhere in life you must learn to master your emotions and they obey and serve. Your feelings of love and pleasure. Similarly, until they are trained, they hate the responsibility. So do not depend on them. If you have your goals, acting on them. Period. Be consistent and persistent. You are bound to win. And your feelings will be glad you did.

2. failure to pass. I don't know if there is anything that can deplete our energy as a failure of the past. When it seems as though something we gave our all and things don't work in our favor, it just feels like the thing to do is to throw in the towel and quit. After all, if we have failed at that, imagine what might happen if we try to do it again, or something else, right? When this occurs, go to your bookstore and find an autobiography of someone who has done something incredible. Sit back, take a deep breath and read it. You will find that all those who have made something great had apparent failure and set-backs. The reason that won and achieve their goals and dreams is not because they never succeeded. It was because they never stop. If your motivation does not return after reading the first book, and then get another and then another. Read the stories of samples and you put the guts Back inside of you.

3. Lack of encouragement.
Sometimes we feel as if we need encouragement from others in order to get up and move on or stay on course. I agree that it is good to hear words of courage and inspiration from friends and loved ones. But don't depend on it. You will have to learn to stay just with the Lord as your support. Not all believe in your dream. Sometimes people who you thought would have your back will be very trying to speak with you to achieve your goals. So make up your mind to go after your order, why you want and want more than anything. Focus is key to meeting your destiny.

Now here are some tips on how to stay motivated as you pursue your God given goals and dreams:

1. remember, your dream is just that, your dream. Leave it so important to you and pursuing it relentlessly.

2. read other books that come out and kept until they have reached their goal. Inspire to do the same. (Yes, that is right. Become a reader).

3. keep the rewards of dream before you. What will receive if you pursue your God-given purpose and dreams? Keep that before you. You can continue to keep encourage.

4. reading the Bible. The word of God is the greatest source of motivation that exists. Read it so often. You will maintain the fire.

5. pray. Ask God to help you as you continue to achieve your vision for your life.

Dreams are made to be realized. So never give up. Stay motivated and keep it going.

Sheldon d. Newton is a motivational and inspirational speaker, teacher, lecturer and seminar pastor. He is the author of various books transform lives, including: refuse to live common life, the power of Positive affirmations Biblical, humility and honor of God and true spirituality, available from and
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