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How to hire a Resume Writer

The scenario is quite clear. Sam gets congedate, after working for the company for over 5 years. He has been keeping his resume updated. He reads as job market today is "different", and can easily take 6 months to a year to find something else. He knows that he needs to take action, now. But he feels is spun around by layoffs, unprepared. He sits to update his resume and do not know what to do.

In addition, he wants to give yourself an edge. So he does some research online and decide to hire a resume writer. But as we know it is going to get a good resume and effectiveness to address?

In my workshops and with my clients, I see a disproportionate number of poorly crafted resumes, prepared by "professional resume writers." It breaks my heart and makes me angry.

If you don't know what a good resume and effectiveness is, how do you assess the writers resume, so you can find a good?

First, do some research online or ask your friends for recommendations. Make a list of candidates of 3-5 and call them. Here are some questions you should ask.

1. Ask for examples) of their work, have written resumes and references. Then call those references. Discover the results of the use of this writer resume, as well as the overall experience.

2.) Ask about effectiveness of resumes they have created. ("Are people becoming more and more interviews with your resume?") You are hiring a resume writer to get results. If you do not know that their effectiveness can know that their resumes are any good?

3.) discover what their process. How do they work? How many conversations have you? Some resume writers never even speak with you. Some only communicate online. Some restrict the number of conversations. You will examine a project? My process includes a conversation before, then a first draft, then a conversation 2a to examine this draft and final copy that you can keep going forward. There is also typically at home for you during this process. Sometimes a third round of changes is required (very rarely).

4.) Are the writer? If not, who is? I was surprised to find that sometimes we speak with the person is not the resume writer! You want someone writing your resume that is never connected with? Keep in mind that a good CV should reflect your personality and your voice.

5.) what is the final product? It is a MS Word document, you can edit and manage? Or you will have to return to resume writer for updates?

6.) what is the lead-time? How long will it take to get a resume that you can send?

7.) what is their experience writing for the industry you're in? For example, IT professionals need someone who understands how to write a technical curriculum. Acting resumes are all together a completely different format. Have experience of writing for the field, your sector?

8.) what is their experience writing for individuals in your situation? You have gaps in your work history? You are changing fields? or careers? Ask them how they handle these situations.

9.) what they need from you? What is your role in this process?

10.) last but not least, ask about the cost. Get specific information. You pay everything perfect, or after you receive a draft, or after the final copy? Offer any type of guarantee? If you are satisfied with the results, what are the options? They will offer you a refund (in whole or in part)? There is a contract involved? Find out what is the commitment on their part and yours. This is all part of the cost.

You'll note that the certification from this list has been omitted. Certification isn't a bad thing, I found only one indicator of competency certification.

Ultimately, the key to hiring a writer to good CV is an interview with them, ask questions, to be an informed consumer. Even if you have access to services resume as part of a package of outplacement provided by your employer, I still recommend that ask these questions.

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