Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Subliminal programming-delving deep into the subconscious mind and how it works

Have you ever experienced the energizing and motivating the feeling to have positive thoughts coursing through you? Don't you feel strengthened, as if the new life was breathed into you? It doesn't feel able, as you can do anything you set your mind? This is the effect that subliminal messages can have positive about you.

Subliminal messages are sent to the subconscious part of our brain. These messages can control how you perceive things, people and circumstances. If you are exposed to telepathy positives we will reap the benefits mentioned above.

But why are they so powerful? What is the part of the brain that can control our lives, our situation very subconscious?

As the subconscious controls your reality

The subconscious is this powerful part of the brain that controls thinking, which then affects how you act and what we do. These, in turn, is what makes up the fact that we experience. So that whatever it is that we are living today, this all leads back to the subconscious mind.

What controls the subconscious?

If it is the subconscious that controls your reality, now the question is, what controls the subconscious? The subconscious is controlled by virtually everything we see, hear, taste, touch, feel or experience around us. It responds to a wide range of influences and programming that are present in our environments. So, the subconscious is usually compared to a department store where the brain stores everything that does not require at present in day-to-day life. For this reason is the subconscious that stores past emotions, past the evil and so on. The conscious mind only chooses which of these "stock" are necessary for the present moment.

Other facts about the subconscious and how it works

Here are some facts that can help you understand just how the subconscious controls and how to control it puts you in charge.

The subconscious is not a single portion of the brain. Thoughts from the subconscious found scattered throughout the entire brain.
The subconscious works independently from the conscious mind. Is constantly aware although the conscious mind is asleep.
makes up about 80-85 percent of your thoughts when you're doing something. This means that doing any activity, 80-85% of which is done by the brain unconsciously.
physically independent uses a set of brain tissue from the conscious mind. These tissues of the brain perform high-speed neural connections that occurs around the brain.
is able to process that you cannot run the conscious mind.

How can I check?

All this makes the subconscious sound scary, as if it were a separate entity within us that controls us. But just look at the bright side of matter. Be capable of full power and functionality of the subconscious, you know how powerful it can be when used for the right purposes. And you have the power to use your subconscious, this powerful entity inside you, for any purpose you see fit. You have the power to control his power, and the main control panel is subliminal messages.

By sending messages to program your subconscious, you can get to perform in a certain way. You can program to always look on the brighter side of things, to perform to the best of its ability and believe in success. In this way, it will also control the thoughts, actions and behavior so that all of these work together to get the most optimal in your life.

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