Saturday, February 5, 2011

Five books that beat the Blues, give you clues and help you Schmooze

Sometimes no matter how good that we are in. Get blue, discouraged or just need someone to pat on the back it says "things will be fine."

How Carl Icahn reportedly said, "If" you are in business and you want a friend, get a dog.

Well, sometimes even the best dog we don't provide the advice that we need we pull out our crisis. But the following books are very useful to encourage and inspire the proverbial dusted off pants and get back on the horse.

First, let me say. We are all in sales, in some capacity. I know that is not a new idea, but it is important to understand. My father is an Episcopal Minister and sells. Granted, it is not a product. But it is undeniable that what sells is a concept. And most of us are selling concepts, somehow, these days.

Read these and jump!

There is a classic, that most people have read by Napoleon Hill. Is his following the original called "think and grow rich with peace of mind" that is my favorite book. The advice is a little smoother. Wisdom is more severe, perhaps matured and adaptable to any situation. The difference between this and the original book is the way that the advice is offered. It is a bit more. If the original book shares the research--this book provides the implementation so that my grandfather did when I was young.

The next book is an exciting find new mine Jeff Olson. His book "the slight Edge: the secret to a successful life," is one of the smarter books around. Alludes to the "secret" repeatedly stresses that Napoleon Hill in the book mentioned above. In fact, Olson's secret is the same secret that "The Secret" you mention, this special, personal and boundless, that are moving toward your goal.

Ah yes, it says, but what happens in real life?

What to do when reality sets in? Surely you have these great ideas and you feel really inspired me, but the world isn't read these books and not understand (or care) targeted as you are?

Another great recent search is the book "Go to No! Yes, it's the destination, as it gets, "by Richard Fenton and Andrea Waltz. This is a short paper with a very simple philosophy. Sales are a numbers game. If you make "no" your goal, you'll encounter over and over again. Instead of pushing off of no, seek to attract them. In this way, the occasional "reunited" you get will be "mess" of the system of finding no

This reversed logic actually works. Take the negative in positive terms. And the positive aspects, in sales, they become less important than the game itself. Think of Edison who said: "I haven't failed. Just know 10,000 ways that won't work ". He scored quite often to "no".

The next two books may or may not turn off. Before you read them: keep an open mind and be ready to learn.

By far, the industry is now a leader in creating many millionaires in the world is network marketing. So if you are in a network marketing business on the right track, with a good education, good people leaders and great people you follow, congratulations!

If you have not yet been successful in identifying your network marketing business, you can start now to learn from this dynamic sector, a few ways to support your business. The following two selections are loaded with concepts immediately applicable to any business or enterprise.

With Mark Yarnell, Randy Gage is a superhero and success stories of network marketing. His "how to build a multi-tier cash machine: the science of Network Marketing" is a master class in a book. Who wants to grow a business through reports should read this book. These are time tested, often commonsense, processes and strategies for working with other people. In addition to offering ways to find the right network marketing company, Randy offers this simple formula for success: "bring a large group of people--always do some simple actions--for an extended period of time."

"Be a recruiting Superstar: The FastTrack for Mary Christensen Network Marketing millions," is another winner for anyone that transforms the mutually beneficial relations in business (one of the best quality of network marketing). She writes, "no matter how committed are you to promote your products, there is a limit to how many people you can reach. Even if you're the greatest sales person on the planet, there is a limit to the number of hours that you can work. If you want to live a life that most people have attracted only about, you need to learn how to recruit. "

As we read, we draw mental references that help us understand what we're reading. If you were thinking about Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki--which is good. Manage a network marketing company. Did you think Avon or P & G--both use the network marketing to draw (and share) huge sales and profits. Have you wondered about Sergei Brin and Larry Page at Google? Do you think that rely on "total fan" word of mouth?

Sale of today is about introducing the people you know and meet along the path of our life to life. There is a right to be one of the best to make that happen faster and as often as possible.

The next time you get the blues--just be happy--can be an opportunity in disguise.

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