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Think and grow Rich secret: desire

Desire means knowing what you want, then is the first principle of success in "think and Grow Rich". You need to focus attention and energies of mind like a laser on what do you want more, and the universe will respond in kind, with people, opportunities, and seemingly random events that allow you to bring your desire to use-you just pay attention and capture when it happens.

Here is where I would like to make a clarification, or a warning on the Hill of what they're saying. In this chapter and the book, the desire for money is held as the most important thing, to the point of obsession. And while I think this is necessary, must not lose sight of why you want your money. If your intentions are good and pure, God and the universe will do this job for you, giving you the resources you need and want in such abundance, that all you can do is share with others.

If your intentions are greed and avarice, you will get the money, only if such happiness and none of that means, and your life will remain empty. Money is not the end goal, but just a tool to reach your ultimate goal ... your precise purpose. Think of money as fuel to drive your precise aim, that with providing for your needs so that you can pursue your purpose, or if your order requires a lot of capital to run.

Furthermore, simply wishing, hoping, praying, or halfheartedly will not bring riches, but simply spread your energy in a thousand directions, reducing the impact. You must have the desire and the mind will work a plan to achieve it by setting goals and achieving these goals one at a time, without stopping, until it succeeds.

Hill's Formula for success is of 6 parts, and this is very, very important, so don't skip this step:

1. fix in your mind the exact amount that you want.
2. Determine exactly what you want to give in return for the money you want.
3. establish a precise date when the money that the desire to possess.
4. Create a clear plan to achieve your desire and begin at once, whether you're ready or not, to put this plan into action.
5. write a clear and concise statement of steps 1-4.
6. read the written statement aloud, twice daily, once just before retiring at night and once after arising in the morning. How to read, see, hear and believe in yourself already in possession of money.

At the end of the chapter, Hill describes a real-world occurrence of success in his son, who was born without ears. You want to teach the guy Hill to none-less and did and filled the heart of the boy with the desire to succeed to himself and feeling. In the end both, he never believe that it was not possible. Thanks to the invention of a new type of hearing aid and the intelligence of the guy, he became a great success in life and fulfilled his precise aim to help others who couldn't hear hear.

So with that story inspiring, I wonder what my excuse was all this time, and you wonder what is your excuse? We use this example as a fuel to get off our butts and do something important in our lives ... not just for ourselves, but for others too.

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