Saturday, February 5, 2011

Are your habits to support your life?

What are some of your daily habits? Worth taking a look at them. Your habits form what to do with your valuable time. You can decide yourself what habits engage in are "good" or "bad". I would say that the actions you take positively contributing to your health, happiness, prosperity and relationships are worth keeping. Everything else-well, you might want to make some changes. Here are a few habits that I find to be the murderers of dream:

1. email. In my opinion, opening email first thing in the day is not the best way to start. Allow other users to shape your thoughts, actions, and even your mood. I say do your actions first those meaningful-something that makes you happy, something that inspires you to live a great day, or something that contributes to a goal you have. Check your email after you have made the most important things first.

2. Mindless Eating. I think this widely accepted American habit helps to obesity, poor health and a lack of enjoyment. When you eat-just eat. Do not read, watch tv or keep a hand on the keyboard. Be aware of the texture of food, the taste in the mouth as it feels in your belly. Give thanks for all the people involved in getting the food to the table. Of course, enjoy good conversation between bites-but other than that-eating mindful will strengthen your health and life.

3. Noise. Lord, there is no noise everywhere! When gas pump t.v. is blaring at me (jump that gas station now). I had a dentist again after my dentist ex installed flat-screen TV in each room. I'm sure some patients appreciate, but I get nervous when I noticed that the dentist kept watching the t.v. that silence is a good habit to cultivate for the soul. Your inner voice has only know much-need time to be heard. Allow some silence every day.

Be an observer sweet of your habits. Don't beat yourself up-only warning. Those that make you happy? Those who go on your goals and dreams? What are the obstacles. Choose one and decide to change it. Here is a cool tool I found today that will inspire-and it's free.

Would love to hear about a habit that you are ready to change. Leave your comment here and let us know!

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