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The three key elements of success

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Success is that elusive thing that we all search for, in one form or another, at some point in our lives. Early on, we might measure success in terms of being popular in the playground, or top of the class. Later, we might have a hobby or sport we want to excel at. We might think we are successful if we have an attractive partner or lots of friends, material possessions or money in the bank. We might measure our own success through the results of others, like our children for example, or people that we help, teach and interact with.

However we measure success, the point is that we do all measure it and we strive to be successful in at least one area of our lives. You could even argue the point that people who really mess up in some way are actually successful. If you consider success to be the achievement of something desired, planned, or attempted, as defined in some dictionaries and they set out to fail, then in doing so they are successful - almost like anti-success!

So how can you ensure success, or at least give yourself the very best chance? After much study and deliberation, I would like to offer you a three step formula for success, giving you the three key elements you need to create your own success.


The first thing you need in order to be successful is the right mindset and this can be broken down into three elements; belief, motivation and focus.


Regardless of what you are setting out to achieve, you need to believe two key things. One, that what you are attempting to do, be or have is possible - you may not know how initially and that is fine - and two, that it is possible for you. If you are constantly telling yourself that you can't have, do, or be what you want, for whatever reason, you are defeated before you begin. All you will construct is a self fulfilling prophecy where you fail.


It is unlikely that you will find success immediately so you need to make sure you stay motivated. The best way to do this is to create some really compelling goals for yourself, which focus not upon anything you might want to have, but rather on what having that will give you. You should see money, for example, as a means to getting you the things you want, which will in turn make you feel x or y, or give you something truly beneficial, like more time to spend with your family. These are the kind of goals that will keep pulling you on towards them, when the going gets tough. They will keep you motivated and fuel your determination, because they are undeniably worth the effort taken to achieve them. What will having success in your chosen field give you?


The final component of a successful mindset is focus. Great goals will show the destination, focus will keep you on the road to get there. It's all too easy to allow yourself to be sidetracked and drawn to other things when the going gets tough, particularly if you spend anytime online. I call it magpie syndrome. If you find focussing difficult, break your day down into small parcels of time and assign a particular task for each one. Keep the time frame as short as you need to, to ensure you don't drift and schedule in break times too, so that you are not faced by indeterminable stretches of time, before you can look at that shiny web site you saw out of the corner of your eye!

The same goals that keep you motivated will also help you to focus, so keep a written record of them and read it daily. Make a dream board or journal, with images that signify success for you and look at them often. All these processes are designed to firmly embed what you are looking for in your unconscious mind, so that it knows what it has to work for and to take full advantage of the law of attraction. The energy from your thoughts will attract what you are thinking about, so make sure you are focussing on what you want and not what you don't want.

The second thing you need is a system and what differentiates this from the other two elements of my formula for success, is that it is external to you.


Again, I believe this can be best described in three parts. In order to create success you need a system which will give you the appropriate tools, direction and support.


The tools you need will depend on what area you are aiming for success in and you should find the most appropriate ones for you. This may consist of methodology and theory, or more practical physical tools. It may be that training or instruction is a useful tool for you if this is an area where you still have something to learn.


Unless you are a true pioneer, it is highly likely that someone else has been successful in your chosen area, so find them and learn from them. Why would you waste time, energy and perhaps money, making mistakes you could avoid? Once you have mastered the basics, by all means try something new, but to begin with, learn from someone on a similar path to you, who is further ahead than you! If you can, get yourself a mentor. Someone who is prepared to invest their time in your success too. You may well have to pay for this, but it will more than pay for itself in time saved and energy not wasted.


When you embark on a new path, it can be lonely and when things don't go strictly to plan and success seems a bit further away than you would like, you need support. Again, a mentor can help with this, as they will understand where you are coming from and what you are going through. Friends and family, although often well intentioned, are not always great supporters! You might also find strength and help in meeting others on a similar path. By this I do not mean grouping together with other people who have failed to find success - this is guaranteed not to help!- but meeting people who are of a similar mindset to yours. Just to talk and share ideas can be really helpful. Ideally, look for a system which can offer you all three elements, to accelerate your journey to success.


The final and most crucial element of this system for success is action. You need to be prepared to take action. More specifically you need to be prepared to take consistent, efficient and targeted action. Efficient because you need to make the best use of your time, energy and money, targeted because you need to make sure all of the above that you expend is in exactly the right area at that moment in time and consistent because the occasional burst is not going to do it for you. You need to give time and time again in order to create the success you want. The great thing is that the action you take, the effort you put in, will be in direct proportion to your results. More action = more success, faster! If you were to write it as an equation it would be Success = Action (Mindset + System).

If you are looking to create your own business online, or to turbo boost an existing business, whether you currently work online or not, you will need all of the elements described above if you are to make your business successful.

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