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How would you define the true success

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Sheldon d. Newton is an inspirational and motivational speaker, teacher, lecturer and seminar pastor. He is the founder and Senior pastor of Jesus Christ ...

How would you define success? Many people think that is the accumulation of money and lots of it. Others think that success is the abundance of material things. I believe, however, that success is much more than that. True success is living in God's divine purpose and reason for your life. Regardless of how much wealth or material things, an individual may or may not have, if a person lives outside of the purpose of God ordained for his life, an individual will never really be fulfilled inside. There are many people who have all that money can buy, and yet, they know that something is still very weak in their lives. They may not want to admit it. They may act as it all together before their peers. But I am keenly aware of the fact that something is missing. If you live within the perimeter of God's will for your life, you are simply don't meet your true potential and the raison d ' ?tre.

A person may have large amounts of wealth, but if the same person has a disease that they cannot get rid off, a disease that cannot be cured, apparently, that the person is successful? A person may have material things, but cannot keep his family together, run from the report to the report. Is that person a success?

I believe that we have been fooled into thinking that your success is what is depicted on television. Popularity and fame, money, and things are what has been sent as a success. But these things are not what produces the success. There are people that are successful and they could care less about fame. They perfer to be out of the spotlight.

Success can mean different things to different people. For some, simply having a large family, all getting along, loving one another and respecting each other's success. For others, success can be fame and money, while for others, success may mean having the perfect job or career.

But here is what is important. You are here on this earth for a divine purpose. Is not an accident. God has ordained that he should be here and that, before ending your life, you should achieve something great in His Eyes, that can affect and benefit the lives of others in a positive and significant. You do this?

Things will perish with their use. Fame and popularity a day will come to an end. You can leave this side and enter other, named eternity. What will be with you? Certainly, not your money. Definitely not material things. What will the next part? What is the real success? The answer is simple: real success is finding the will of God for life and to do so.

Sheldon d. Newton is a motivational and inspirational speaker, teacher, lecturer and seminar pastor. He is the founder and Senior pastor of Jesus Christ at the Center international ministries and author of several books, including refusing to live common life, the power of Positive affirmations Biblical, humility and honor of God and true spirituality.

Its purpose is to see burning the lives transformed through application of timeless principles and godly, that will enable them to live a better life of peace, wholeness and fulfillment. This took him throughout the Bahamas, The United States of America and The British Virgin Islands.

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