Friday, February 4, 2011

Doing what you next happen!

One of my mentors, Barry Foster is known for his mantra "Making what is near future." I've always been intrigued by the sound of that Declaration. There are some good catchy phrases out there, but for some reason "what is the near future to make" really speaks to me.

As a coach, I see the brilliance to assume the responsibility to make things happen. Now, while I can't make things happen for everyone else, I can encourage, support, motivate and give the tools so that people can do their own thing happen. So, how do I view this mantra interpreted?

Well, to me, what is the near future is all about a decision. When you accept the challenge ... or the responsibility of making something happen that you are taking the property. For more, ' do ' is a verb, a word of action that requires some level of action or movement. And this is the key. The movement, action, attitude of go-get-it is the beginning, and perhaps the most important step from knowing what you want, of course.

Once you realize that you are responsible to make what is the perfect place for you, the attitude and the world view changes. You start realizing the opportunities and creating new ways to get what you want. Enjoy the freedom that comes from creating solutions for situations that are energy and you share this with those around you know that you are doing, that enables you to do what is near future for them.

What is the magic behind ' make what is the next future? ' How to take a look is the choice that a step forward. A step that will bring you closer to your goal. If you think about the big picture (which is important, but not at this stage) you can get overwhelmed or confused by everything that you could take. And let's face it, it's easy to get bombarded with so much feeling defeated or negative information and influence out there. Think about what's next for you? What you want and how do I get there?

You will need to shred down this goal or vision down bite-size pieces, manageable. Most do, the more you get to your goal and as you move forward, build momentum, self-esteem and confidence. To determine what is next ask yourself?

what I want (big picture)?what will I get/get/hear to reach this goal?what kind of things you can do that will support my goal? (be ambitious, write at least 20 as if money or time where no obstacles)

From the list of 20; Choose 2 or 3. Now take each of them and write a description; What to do and how? What kind of support you need? How long will it take you? Connect with the results showing how great it feels when you achieve it. So go ahead. Put these on your agenda action steps now. Use the outlook calendar for reminders, sticky notes with positive affirmations and you will do what is "next happen". When you do, thank you and go back to the drawing table ... now, what's next?

If you have difficulty in identifying the strengths and the course of action; If the view is now cluttered or confusing; If you want a partner that can help you to structure the best way to make things happen; personal development coaching might be what you are looking for.

2010 Maria Martinez

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