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Error cosmic ordering: the root cause of a

Cosmic order is one of the ways to use the law of attraction to send your orders to what you want in your life, the universe and receive them in your real life after some time. The most important element in sending and receiving of cosmic order is actually energy. With focused and huge vibrational energy, and when you know what you want in particular, when you submit your order, you can be assured that it has already met in the space of the cosmos. And when your vibrational frequency energy that has similar matches that of the cosmic order that you submitted, you will surely your orders delivered to you.

A critical point is that, besides being vibrationally aligned, you must have enough large container, the vacuum that was created in order to receive, retain and hold, or even grow your orders delivered cosmic. Otherwise, even if you're ' luck ' to receive and fulfill your desires, then you will lose them. Why many people fail in the cosmic order? Or some are frustrated that do not have consistent results with their cosmic ordering ... The root cause of a failure in the cosmic order is in your subconscious! Why is it so?

As humans, we all have 3 mind: the conscious mind, subconscious and superconscious mind. If we use a House as an analogy, the conscious mind is on the ground floor of a House, the superconscious mind is the attic of the House, while the subconscious mind is the basement of the House. So when we see the subconscious as a cellar of a House, what do you think looks like? The basement is like a store room in the House, and a place of storage is usually dark, mysterious, messy, unused and forgotten things, and so on ... So is your subconscious mind. Was your storage space for the whole of your life because you are born. How much stuff you think you have been kept without noticing since childhood? Until you decide to go down to your basement to take a look, clear some space, remains obscure, mysterious and messy.

Have you forgotten that your aunt used to call you ' stupid stupid ' when you do not Score high marks for subject mathematics and your MOM is called ' useless ' when you started to cry. Or maybe your high school teacher, you said that only with a Ph.d. that you could earn a decent living ... Subconscious mind is the memory Bank of the human body. Stores all the things that if you like them or not, if you need or not, if they're going to be useful in your life as you grow or not. Subconscious mind doesn't care, the task is to keep storing all the information that you receive each time through the five senses of your birth.

Therefore, the root cause of a failure in the cosmic order is from your subconscious! What you receive because you are young? Are empowering dis-empowering or what you want to consciously now in your life? I support or non-supportive? They work or not work, based on where you are in your life now? The memories that have been stored in the subconscious mind to remain ' unconscious ' until you decide to take stock of their, dig deeper into them and find out what are the things that hinder your cosmic order when you send them, get them or both? If your inner space of compensation is not done, there can be no space or void for you meet your cosmic order.

You may be able to send and receive your cosmic order, but somehow, if you lose it completely or partially, it is more likely that the subconscious memory file and do not support past contradict what you want now. To be successful and consistent results in the cosmic order, the most important thing to do is check your ' basement ', budget and make room for your inner being.

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