Friday, February 4, 2011

Understand your divine purpose in life

Big things are made by people who are meant to be and relentlessly pursued with determination and persistence that refuses to back down, cave or close. Success is no accident. Is actually manufactured by applying principles of Almighty God of long ago. These principles work for anyone who dares to walk in them and never have been known to fail. They work by age, sex, colour or race. The starting phase of these principles is discovering why you are here on planet Earth. You were born for a purpose, and to achieve this purpose and pursue that, you wonder aimlessly through this world, unhappy, unfulfilled and, Yes, even miserable. You can accumulate things that perish with use. You might even be a billionaire. Inside, it can still be empty. The realisation of your divine purpose is what completes, not mere external things that you own. What have you? Things or your purpose?

Purpose means literally, the reason for one thing. You are here for a reason. And why it was decided for you centuries ago by the Almighty God, who has made man and knows what it takes to make you feel satisfied and deeply satisfied. As a matter of fact, when you discover that purpose and to walk in it, you come to the realization that this was what they were created for and to achieve.
How can we discover this purpose? Here are a few things to consider:

1. God is created for a purpose. Just walk into the divine right to be can occur fulfilment, satisfaction and true peace.

2. You must discover God's purpose for your life. Do not attempt to walk in someone else. Fulfillment will not bring it to you. God has a plan just for you.

3. If you really want to know your divine purpose, go and ask the one that is created for a purpose. Ask God to reveal to you her plan for your life. If you're serious and ask him with a pure heart, he will show you the plan. Deep inside, you will have a sense and know what you're supposeed to do with your life.

4. When it turns out that purpose, be prepared to fulfill it. Read books, Go back to school, if necessary, do what is required and necessary to develop your potential, talents and gifts given by God.

5. ask God for his wisdom and help and create a plan and goals, leading to the realisation of your divine assignment. Scheduling and setting goals ia a must for any person wishing to real success in anything.

6. Once you set your goals, to pursue you. I didn't say jump up and quit your job. For this reason, the schedule is so necessary. You must move in stages. And how to develop things divine, if the purpose that you leave a job and embraces another or start your own business, as you walk the path, things move more into what it should do. If your stay with Almighty God, you know what to do and when. Remember, the wisdom is key.

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