Friday, February 4, 2011

Keys to success-persistence

Keys to success are many. And they all work hand in hand to produce a desired result. First, there must be a vision of what a person wants to achieve, become or reach. There should be a plan as the person can walk towards a dream on a daily basis and in progress. Must be no belief. All things are really possible for a person who believes. And the golden key persistence must be applied in order to end the race that the person has begun. Persistence means, according to Websters Dictionary, to be constant. Denotes an individual who is intent on getting what you are after, refusing to be obstructed, discourage or arrested. A person is persistent so exhausted in order before him or her that the fault is not optional. This person is the mindset, I am what I am after, by the grace of God, and there is no lease until then.

There are various elements of the soul persistent, which I will only mention a few:

1. The persistent soul is consistency. This simply means that an individual persistent works towards the achievement of the objectives of which he or she has done every day. They work to hit their target brand within the allotted time and remain on it.

2. persistent soul is diligent. Means to be diligent to provide constant, careful, constant effort toward the end or a desired goal. Worth your time, energy and effort to make a careful study on the issue of due diligence. Prove to you why some succeed and why many don't. Due diligence is truly persistent soul in action. (A great place to understand the difference between the soul diligently and its counterpart, the lazy person, is the book of proverbs in the Bible). I promised you that are worth checking out.

3. persistent soul is intolerant to failure. They refuse to fail. Its that simple. They cannot take failure as the final word. Even if something does not work a persistent way, a person will go to this other way and another and another, until they get what they want.

4. persistent soul is at rest. This means that they will not be moved from their course.

5. soul persistent persists.

To be persistent, you must have the objectives in view at all times. You need to know where you are going and have to persevere until it arrives. most of the time, the thing that drives the most to the pinnacle of success is persistence. In other words, never GIVE UP.

Stay with your dream. Keep walking towards it. Keep at it. Think about it every day. Meditating constantly and carefully and be constantly in pursuit of its objectives. You are bound to win.

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